Facebook generated almost $20 from each of its US and Canadian users last quarter


Facebook's ad business is growing like gangbusters, with marketers forking over big dollars to reach the social network's vast audience of North American users.

During the fourth quarter, Facebook said that its average revenue per user in the US and Canada swelled to $19.86, up from $13.70 in the final three months of 2015. The bulk of that revenue was from advertising, with Facebook's payments business contributing just 53 cents.

Facebook has 231 million monthly users in the US and Canada, the regions that advertisers are most interested in reaching thanks to the relatively affluent nature of those people.


Facebook's total worldwide revenue also continues to grow, reaching $4.83 in Q4, up more than $1 per user from the year before. For perspective, shortly before Facebook went public in May 2012, its worldwide ARPU was $1.21.

Facebook ARPU


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