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Pay only 45 paisa to get a Rs 10 lakh insurance for your train travel!

Pay only 45 paisa to get a Rs 10 lakh insurance for your train travel!
Have you ever travelled by a train? Most likely, your answer would be a resounding yes. It is impossible to escape Indian railways while travelling across the country. For most of us, trains are reminiscent of long distances, childhood memories and much more.

However, they are slowly morphing into reminders of terrible accidents as well. About 9 people lost their lives this morning, while 60 others were gravely injured when a goods train collided with the Sealdah-Kanchenjunga express near New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal this morning. Just last year, 290 individuals died and 1,200 others were seriously injured when the Coromandel express, SMVT-Howrah superfast express and a good train crashed into each other.

There’s nothing you can do to avoid a disaster, but you can always safeguard yourself against them. How? By insuring all your train travels at a nominal price.

First off, who can opt for this insurance?
Railways offers its passengers the option to add insurance while booking their tickets. But this is possible only if they are booked online. If you book your tickets physically, or over the counter, you are not eligible for this facility. Additionally, those travelling in general compartments also cannot avail of this insurance.

Moreover, if you are travelling with a child aged below 5, you cannot opt for insurance for them. Only children aged between 5 and 11 can benefit from this optional insurance. In case you buy insurance for travelling in train A, but end up travelling in a vikalp /alternate train, you’d still be eligible to make a claim. Non-Indian citizens are also not allowed to take this insurance.
How much does it cost?
For a small sum of 45 paise, you can get a coverage of up to Rs 10,00,000. Here’s a breakdown of maximum sum awarded under various conditions :

  1. Death : Rs 10,00,000
  2. Permanent total disability : Rs 10,00,000
  3. Permanent partial disability : Rs 7,50,000
  4. Hospitalisation expenses : Rs 2,00,000
  5. Transportation of mortal remains : Rs 10,000
To opt for this insurance, all you’ve got to do is tick-mark a checkbox asking for adding insurance to your total travel fare, while you are booking the tickets. The premium will be automatically added to your total fare. You'll also get all necessary policy details on your email-ID and mobile number after you're done booking. Remember to fill out a nominee for the policy. In case there is no nominee allotted, the claims will be settled with the legal heir of the insured.
What do I need to submit to make a claim?
In the unfortunate case of you meeting with an accident while travelling via trains, you need to submit a detailed report and all necessary documents to the insurer within 4 months of the date of the accident.

In case you wish to file a death claim, you’ll need the following documents :
  1. Railway Authority report confirming the accident and details of deceased
  2. Duly completed personal accident claim form signed by nominee / Legal Heir
  3. NEFT mandate details, cancelled cheque and photo identity proof of nominee
If you wish to file a disablement claim
  1. Railway authority report confirming the accident
  2. Attested copy of disability certificate from Civil Surgeon of the hospital where one was undergoing treatment. It should also state the percentage of disability.
  3. Attested copy of FIR.
  4. All supporting X-Ray / Investigation reports
  5. Claim form with NEFT details & cancelled cheque of the beneficiary
  6. Photographs of before & after disability


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