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Top Black women in asset management

Dan DeFrancesco,Jordan Parker Erb   

Top Black women in asset management

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Most money managers are white men. Here's how Black women executives are breaking barriers in asset management to drive change.

Eight senior Black women in asset management discussed working in a white- and male-dominated industry. In interviews with Insider, the executives shared victories and pivotal moments in their careers. Here's what they said.

Inside the remarkable hiring spree that transformed Silicon Valley Bank from an afterthought into a formidable dealmaking threat overnight

SVB Leerink has hired a rash of senior healthcare and technology bankers this year. Here's a peak at how the boutique bank did it.

These 4 young people are working to make Wall Street more inclusive by mentoring and empowering others

Financial-services firms are notorious for being overwhelmingly white and male, but these four young people are carving out paths for the next generation.

They told us how they plan to transform the industry.

Pension funds are pumping money into single-family homes rented out at a profit: 'There's so much room to run'

Over the past decade, major institutional buyers have been steadily acquiring single-family homes across the country to rent out at a profit - but the pandemic has put the trend on fast-forward. Here's what you need to know.

$58 billion Two Sigma's impact investing arm just invested in the booming in-home healthcare space. Here's how it plans to use data science to boost employee retention.

The quant hedge fund just backed one of Texas's largest pediatric health providers, Circle of Care. A partner behind the deal told Insider about how it came together, and detailed the firm's expansion plans. See what he said.

Banks need consumers and businesses to borrow more as Wall Street's trading hot streak comes to an end

Here's what analysts are predicting ahead of bank earnings seasons. Get the full rundown here.

Wells Fargo's head of small business banking, one of Mary Mack's deputies, has left the bank

Troutner stepped down in June to focus on his health and his family, a Wells Fargo spokesperson said. Here's what we know.

$15 billion Rokos is struggling to replicate its 2020 success as other macro funds, like Castle Hook, are dominating

Macro funds, on average, have trailed typical hedge funds this year, according to Hedge Fund Research. Find out more here.

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