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Five places you should absolutely visit on your next trip to New Zealand

places you should absolutely visit on your next trip to New Zealand

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New Zealand presents a world of possibilities for any traveller. It is a country that boasts of scenic beaches, pristine lakes, active volcano zones, tall mountains and above all diverse beauty.

So, it’s understandable if you have already planned that your next trip would be to this country. But, how about you let us help you with the sightseeing?

Business Insider lists the five places that you should absolutely not miss when in New Zealand.

P.S- These are lesser-known places, so you’ll earn bragging rights too!

1. Tu Puia springs, Kawhia

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If you’re travelling to the North Island, chances are you’ll be asked to visit the highly popular Hot Water Beach- where you usually take a shovel and dig yourself your own hot pool in the low tide. Do that, but incase you want a less known hot local spring, do head to Tu Puia. Relatively empty, there’s no fighting tourists for a spot here. All you have to do is just soak in the beauty.

2. Blue Lakes, Nelson Lakes National Park

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A fine example of New Zealand’s untouched beauty, the Blue Lake has the distinction of being the clearest lake in the world. That’s right.
The road to the lake involves a two-day trek along a relatively hard trail, but who says no to a challenge, right? Especially with a view like this.
But, remember you cannot swim, fish or wash clothes or utensils here as the water is considered sacred.

3. New Churns Beach, Whangapoua

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A secluded paradise that this is, you’re surely going to love its golden sand and lush green forests that paint a deserted sport most of the time, making it a great place to explore.

Just so you know, this beach also features in the top 10 beaches in the world.

4. Bob’s Peak, Queenstown

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First things first. You’d probably have to toil 450 metres up to reach Bob’s Peak. But don’t let that deter you, as you can ride the Skyline Gondola instead all the way to the top, admiring the horizon as it rises.

The view is to say the least, jaw dropping. You can see all of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the the Remarkables. Its viewing centre also houses some souvenir shops, so do your share of shopping!

Before we forget- the downhill go-kart track will blow your mind away!

5. Mokoroa Falls, Auckland

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Tucked between Waitakere and Muriwai, this beautiful waterfall is only about 45 minutes away from Auckland central. From Horsman Road, you’ll need to walk for a little more than an hour to reach this beautifully hidden spot and be amazed with the stunning view.


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