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Here are the top three states that scored high on the ‘cashless India scorecard’

Here are the top three states that scored high on the ‘cashless India scorecard’

Walnut, a personal finance app, has created a Cashless India Scorecard comparing how each state is moving towards a cashless economy post-demonetisation, based on an aggregate analysis of its 5 million+ user’s data.

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The scorecard ranks states based on:

1) percentage increase in overall cashless transactions
2) growth in shoppers using debit or credit card for the first time
3) growth in merchants accepting digital payments.

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Gujarat, Haryana, and Telangana emerged as the top 3 states with the highest growth in going cashless in the country.

The app also tracked category-wise spends for the top 5 states and fuel expenditure emerged as the leading category for cashless transactions post-demonetisation. Among these states, Walnut users who had previously used their debit cards only for withdrawing cash performed their first cashless transaction to pay bills.

This suggests that enabling public and private utility services such as telecom, electricity, gas, water etc. to start accepting digital payments is most likely to turn users cashless for the first time.

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J&K and the north eastern states featured in the end which could be due to the unrest in the states. It also suggests that they might be the worst affected due to demonetization with less technological advancement.

The complete ranking was as follows:

1) Gujarat
2) Telangana
3) Haryana
4) Uttar Pradesh
5) Delhi
6) Himanchal Pradesh
7) Uttarakhand
8) Punjab
9) Andhra Pradesh
10) Maharashtra
11) Rajasthan
12) Karnataka
13) Tamil Nadu
14) Jharkand
15) Meghalaya
16) Assam
17) Kerala
18) Goa
19) West Bengal


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