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How one company is making domain names 'sexy'

How one company is making domain names 'sexy'

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Domain names don't have to be boring.

Earlier this year, sold for a whopping $375,000. And in the domain name industry, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

A lot has changed since the first .com domain was created 30 years ago. Names that used to be free are now selling for hundreds of thousands - and sometimes even millions - of dollars.

It's clear why so many people are interested in getting into this lucrative business, but managing multiple domain names can be quite a challenge.

One company has set out to change that.

In 2014, Uniregistry launched - and it's not your typical domain registrar. The company already manages nearly one million domain names, including some of the most valuable on the Web, such as,, and On top of that, Uniregistry offers close to 300 creative extensions ranging from .sexy to .ninja.

Though plenty of companies offer domain name registration, few make it easy to manage them. Uniregistry, however, was designed for domain owners by domain owners. Its founder, Frank Schilling, is widely known as "the most influential man in the domain industry."

"I've managed nearly 30 million names in my career," says Schilling. "I was always looking for better tools, because I recognize that domain names are more valuable when they run on better infrastructure."

Frustrated that he couldn't find anything, Schilling took matters into his own hands. With the help of designers and developers, he spent the next two years executing the perfect solution. Now, Uniregistry helps companies who handle dozens (or even thousands) of domain names by offering a clean, simple interface, high level of security, and bulk tools.

"It's completely unlike anything else available for managing names, whether you're managing a single registration or a million domain names," says Schilling.

Here are some of the bulk tools Uniregistry offers:

  • Domain Tracker. Through Uniregistry, you can upload a list of domains from any registrar and easily monitor expiration dates. It's a great tool for those who consistently consolidate domains into a single master account.
  • Free two-step account verification. Because domain names are so valuable, this ensures higher security.
  • Free cloud storage with Documents.Link for tracking domain attachments. Uniregistry provides free cloud storage for documents, which allows you to turn your account into a filing cabinet for everything domain-name related.
  • Optional integration with DomainNameSales (DNS). This leading platform for premium domain sales and monetization, also started by Schilling, allows you to link your DNS and Uniregistry accounts for easier portfolio management and tracking.

People will never stop clamoring for the best domain names, but Uniregistry is trying to simplify the process and empower the people who manage them.

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