How to buy more iCloud storage for your iPhone, and what you'll pay for each plan

How to buy more iCloud storage for your iPhone, and what you'll pay for each plan

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You can buy more iPhone storage simply by going into your iCloud settings menu.

  • Your iPhone comes with 5GB of iCloud storage for free. If you're close to running out of space, it might be time to buy more storage for your iPhone.
  • You can upgrade to a larger iCloud storage plan using the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • iCloud plans range from 5GB to 2TB, though the 50GB plan is generally plenty for one person and costs a dollar a month.
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When you buy an iPhone, you automatically get 5GB of storage on Apple's iCloud service for free. It's possible that this is enough space to back up your phone, but - particularly with today's higher capacity phones - you may need to buy more storage space for iCloud. Apple offers a number of plans, and you can upgrade from your iPhone's Settings app.

There are four storage plans available:

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  • 5 GB. This is the free plan you get by default with a new iPhone. You can always choose to downgrade back to this plan even after subscribing to another one.
  • 50 GB. This plan costs $0.99 per month and is generally plenty to back up both an iPhone and an iPad on the same Apple ID.
  • 200 GB. This plan costs $2.99 per month and can be shared among all the devices in a family.
  • 2 TB. This plan costs $9.99 per month and can be shared with a family as well.

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How to buy more iCloud storage for your iPhone

1. Start the Settings app and then tap your name at the top of the screen.

2. Tap "iCloud" and then tap "Manage Storage." If you're using iOS 10.2 or older, tap "Storage."


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Access your iCloud storage plan from the iCloud tab in your Settings app.

3. If you don't currently have an iCloud storage subscription, tap "Buy More Storage." If you already have a plan and want to increase it, tap "Change Storage Plan."

4. On the Upgrade iCloud Storage page, choose a plan.

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Choose a plan to upgrade to and Apple will set up automatic billing.

5. Tap "Buy" and enter your Apple ID password to complete the transaction.


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