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Chinese Army releases Indian man abducted from Arunachal Pradesh

Chinese Army releases Indian man abducted from Arunachal Pradesh
Itanagar, Apr 7 () China's People's LiberationArmy released on Tuesday the 21-year-old Indian man who wasabducted on March 19 from near the McMahon line in UpperSubansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, a defence spokesmansaid.

Togley Singkam, who was handed over to the Indian Armypersonnel guarding the border, was immediately put intoquarantine amid fear of coronavirus infection, Defence PRO LtCol P Khongsai said.

When the incident came to light, the Indian Armyswung into action and approached the Chinese side utilisingthe established border management mechanism. Owing to peaceand tranquility existing in the region and the bonhomie thathas developed between both the border guarding forces, Singkamwas handed over to the Indian Army on Tuesday, he said.

This has provided immense relief to the familymembers of Singkam and also to the people of the area, hesaid.

Singkam has been quarantined by the Indian Army andwill be handed over to his family after 14 days, the officialsaid.

Singkam along with his two friends -- Gamshi Chadarand Ronya Nade -- had gone fishing and to collect traditionalherbs from the land belonging to the Naa clan of Tagincommunity on March 19 when the Chinese security personnelallegedly ambushed them.

While his other two friends could successfully escape,Singkam was abducted at gunpoint by the Chinese securitypersonnel.

The Tagin Cultural Society had approached the governoron March 27, urging him to take steps for Singkam's release.

A complaint was also filed by Singkam's family at theNacho police station on March 23.

The McMahon Line demarcates the boundary between theTibet autonomous region of China and Arunachal Pradesh, whichBeijing claims as its own.

The McMahon Line is not properly demarcated and smallcement pillars erected on the Indian side often get coveredunder wild growth.

A number of organisations in the state had appealed tothe state government for taking up the matter with the Centrefor the safe release of the man.

The Siyum Nacho Limeking Taksing Students Union(SNLTSU) had also threatened to launch a democratic movementin the state capital, if his early and safe release was notensured. UPL SOMSK SK

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