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J&K govt clears 2K pending cases for employment of kin of militancy victims

J&K govt clears 2K pending cases for employment of kin of militancy victims
The Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to clear 2,000 appointment cases pending under SRO 43 pertaining to the kin of militancy victims in the union territory. This is a major decision which will bring relief to these 2,000 youth whose appointments under SRO 43 will now be cleared, officials said.

SRO 43 pertains to compassionate appointments in government service for kin of militancy victims, border shelling/ firing and death cases of government employees who died in harness.

"The government has decided to clear a backlog of nearly 2,000 SRO 43 appointments pendingso far before the switch over to new policy for such appointments.

"The government has introduced a new policy of compassionate appointments from January 1 this year, which is on the pattern of the central government.

"Under SRO 43kin of those killed in militancy or border shelling-firing and government employees who died in harness were eligible for a government job.

"Under the new policy, which came into effect from January 1, 2023, a merit-based criteria has been adopted for such posts and only those who fall in the criteria will get the government jobs while others will be paid a fixed amount of compensation," officials said.

Under SRO 43, 2000 vacancies, mostly in Class-IV category in different departments, have been identified and 2,000 youth will be cleared for the government appointments now.

"This decision will generate 2,000 jobs and will also bring major relief to the victims of militancy, border shelling/firing and kin of dead government employees who were waiting for compassionate appointments for a long time.

"The new scheme which has already come into force will grant appointment or monetary compensation on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of a government servant, who may die in harness or as a result of militancy-related action or due to enemy action on the Line of Control/International Border within Jammu and Kashmir and is not involved in militancy-related activities or retires on invalid pension, thereby, leaving his family in penury and without any means of livelihood," officials added.

Under the new scheme, which came into force on January 1, 2023, the number of vacancies and the merit list of the eligible candidates will be prepared annually and eligible candidates will be considered purely on the basis of merit obtained with regard to a point-based merit system on quarterly basis. Both the list of vacancies and merit list of candidates will be put out in public domain to make the process fully transparent and accountable.

The appointment on compassionate grounds will be made for the multi-tasking staff or equivalent or lowest non-gazetted cadre posts in the department.


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