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India has emerged as 'Vishwa Mitra': PM Modi in his I-Day speech

India has emerged as 'Vishwa Mitra': PM Modi in his I-Day speech
Recalling the era of COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India helped different countries during the time of crisis and that India has emerged as a "Vishwa Mitra" (friend of the world).

"We have to make our country so strong that will contribute to Vishwa Mangal (Global welfare).

After Covid, the way India helped the world during the time of crisis, India has emerged as Vishwa Mitra. When we talk about Vishwa Mangal which is India's basic idea that we have to expand," PM Modi said while addressing the countrymen from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day.

"We have presented philosophies and the world is now connecting with India over them. For the renewable energy sector, we said 'One Sun, One World, One Grid'. After Covid, we told the world that our approach should be of 'One Earth, One Help'. We can solve the problem when we address the issues of people, animals and plants equally. For the G20 Summit, we should focus on the idea of 'One World, One Family, One Future," he added.

He also stated that India has launched Mission LiFE for the climate issues that the world is facing. And also made the solar alliance which now many countries are becoming part of.

In his 10th consecutive Independence Day speech, the Prime Minister said that after the COVID-19 pandemic, the world order and the definition of the geopolitical equation have changed and India has become the voice of the global south.

"After the Second World War, a new world order took shape but I can see now clearly that a new global order and a new geopolitical equation is moving ahead after the Covid; the definition of the geopolitical equation has changed. And my dear family members, your capability is visible in giving the world a new shape...," PM Modi said.

He also said that India is becoming the voice of the global south.

Earlier, PM Modi hoisted the flag and after this flower petals were showered at the venue by two Advanced Light Helicopters Mark-III Dhruv of the Indian Air Force.

PM Modi, in his speech, also lauded the contribution of youth and said those from tier 2, and tier 3 cities are also making a lot of impact in various fields, including start-ups.

Balloons in the colours of the Tiranga were released, as PM Modi concluded his address to the nation from the ramparts of the iconic Red Fort.


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