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Transporters stage protests across India against new hit-and-run law

Transporters stage protests across India against new hit-and-run law
New Delhi[India], January 2(ANI): Several transporters and auto-driver associations across India are on protest against the new law on hit and Run incidents.

Under the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS), which replaced the Indian Penal Code, drivers who cause a serious road accident by negligent driving and run away without informing the police or any official from the administration can face punishment of up to 10 years or a fine of Rs 7 lakh. Earlier, the punishment in such cases was two years in the IPC.

Private transport operators claim the law discourages drivers and may lead to unjust punishments. They claim that the drivers could be subject to mob violence when they attempt to transport the injured to hospitals and demand the repeal of the law.

On the protest by transport associations, and drivers against the new law on hit-and-run cases, All India Motor & Goods Transport Association President, Rajendra Kapoor said "Our only demand from the govt is that the decision should have been taken after having consultations with our stakeholders. There was no discussion with anyone on this, and no one was asked about this. There should have been prior meetings and consultations."

"The protest has been announced by the members of All India Motor & Goods Transport Association. There should be a discussion on this issue. A misleading situation is created now. People are not completely aware of the new law", Rajendra Kapoor further added.

"Only Home Minister Amit Shah spoke of the new law in Lok Sabha. Even the ministers don't know of the new law properly for now. There is no protest staged by our organisation. We are conducting a virtual meeting today at 1:30 pm with transporters from across the country. After that, a press conference will be conducted at 3:30 pm in which we will reveal our future course of action", Rajendra Kapoor revealed.

"Protest can never lead to a solution. We have full faith that the government will hold conversations with our members and make necessary amendments based on our recommendations.", Rajendra Kapoor further added.

Meanwhile, transporters and drivers staged protests across states. Private bus and truck drivers on Monday enforced a 'chakka jam' (traffic jam) across the state of Madhya Pradesh in protest against a new hit-and-run law.

A similar protest also broke out in the Chhattisgarh capital, Raipur, where bus drivers staged a demonstration against the new central law.

People at petrol pumps in Nagpur faced long queues due to protests staged on Tuesday.


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