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How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2023 and see all the music you loved this year

William Antonelli,Jordan Hart,Kylie Kirschner   

How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2023 and see all the music you loved this year
  • Spotify Wrapped — the feature that shows your favorite songs, artists, and genres of the year — is back.
  • Your Spotify Wrapped gets updated every year and comes with a playlist of your top 100 songs.

In 2023, it's never been easier to find and listen to songs you love, whether it's a new chart-topper or a classic jam. And music lovers know that there are few things more fun than gushing to someone about your new musical obsessions.

That's what makes Spotify Wrapped so great. Wrapped is a feature that shows you a slideshow (or "story") of the songs, artists, and podcasts you've listened to the most over the past year, what new music you've discovered, and an exact count of how many minutes you spent listening to music. You also get a playlist with your 100 most listened to songs, along with some other goodies depending on the year.

Spotify is introducing new features that further demonstrate your music taste from 2023. Its "Sound Town" feature will match you to a city based on the artists and songs you listened to this year.

Your Spotify Wrapped updates every year, and is easy to share on social media or with friends. Here's how to find this year's Spotify Wrapped story and playlist, as well as how to find your playlists from the past.

How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2023 story and playlists

Whenever a new Spotify Wrapped update drops, there's a good chance that you'll see a notification about it as soon as you open the app. But if you don't see it, here's how to find your Wrapped.

1. Open the Spotify app and tap the Wrapped bubble.

2. Your Wrapped story will open. Wrapped 2023 is 22 parts long and includes your top genres, a map that shows where other people have similar listening habits, how many minutes you spent streaming, your top song, and more. Tap the Share this story option at any point along the way to send the slide you're on to friends or social media.

3. When you get to the slide about the Your Top Songs 2023 playlist, tap Add to Your Library. This will save a playlist with your top 100 songs of the year, so you can open and listen to it at any time.

4. You'll also get to meet your listening personality with the "Me in 2023" feature. Based on your streaming habits, Spotify will assign you one of 12 listening characters.

5. If you were into podcasts this year, Spotify has also included the top pods you listened to and how many minutes you spent tuned in.

6. At the end of the Wrapped story, Spotify will give you a handy card with all of your most important musical info. Tap Share to save it as a picture, text it, post it on social media, and more.

Quick tip: Once you've gone through your Wrapped story, you can find the Your Top Songs 2023 playlist in Your Library. It'll hold the 100 songs you listened to most this year.

How to find your old Spotify Wrapped playlists

If you want to find your old Wrapped stories, you're out of luck — they're only available to view for a limited time. But you can see your old Wrapped playlists via the Spotify website.

Every Wrapped playlist gets saved to a specific URL, and opening that URL while you're logged into your Spotify account will show you your Wrapped playlists.

Important: Spotify doesn't create your Wrapped playlists automatically — it waits for you to go through the process we outlined above. If you can't find your Wrapped playlist for a specific year, it probably means that you didn't do it that year.

Head to the Spotify website and log into your account. Then open one of these links:

Weirdly, you can't find your Wrapped 2016 playlist at its own link — instead, you'll find it at the Wrapped 2019 link. Unfortunately, Wrapped 2015 doesn't seem to be around anymore.

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