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Best mattress protector in India

Best mattress protector in India
Spilling anything on a mattress can be absolutely irritating. You have to run around with bleach, spend a bomb on dry-cleaners and almost get a muscle pull trying to move it. Thank heavens for mattress protectors! Having a good mattress protector is what you need to save you from the trouble of a possible spill.

Wakefit - Cotton Mattress Protector

Popular Choice

Available in three colours, this mattress protector is attractive and stylish. Further, it is waterproof, so you don’t have to fret about your pets or babies spilling things on the bed. The terry cotton top layer gives it a plush feel, and the lycra cotton elastic at the borders keeps it intact. You can wash it regularly like other linen, and it will not get worn out.Ventilated, hygienic and chemical-free

Trance Home - Linen Cotton Mattress Protector

Editor's Pick

Trance Home brings you one of the best quality mattress protectors, which is why it is Amazon’s Choice. It has a soft, breathable cotton fabric that gives you a plush feeling when you snuggle into bed. It’s available for practically every bed size and the number of colours will have you spoiled for choice.Air flow technology to keep it cool, anti-bacterial and easy to maintain

Amazon Brand - Solimo - Waterproof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

Most Elegant

Solimo’s mattress protector has a thickness ranging from 4 inches to 9 inches making it suitable for whatever mattress is on your bed. It has a polyurethane layer at the bottom that will quickly absorb anything that is spilled on it making it waterproof. It has elastic spandex that will allow it to spread on the mattress evenly, and not shift.Good for homes with kids, pets and elderly members.

Asian Handloom - Cotton Mattress Protector


This plaid designed mattress protector is not your usual look for a mattress protector, but is classy, nevertheless. It covers the entire mattress and has a zipper to keep it in place. The quality of the fabric is extremely good, making the feel of it even better. You can just put it in the washing machine or hand wash it, it isn’t difficult to preserve.Unique design, soft material and easy on the wallet.

Dream Care - Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

Best Design

Dream Care gives the customers so many choices when it comes to colours and sizes, that you’ll probably land up buying more than just one. The options are vibrant, alluring and chic. It has a high thread count making it durable and snug. It also has an eco-friendly layer that is waterproof allowing you to remain hassle-free when it comes to your mattress’ protection.Rich fabric, beg-bug defence and ventilated.

Sleepyhead - Mattress Protector


Made from natural bamboo terry fabric, here is another high-quality mattress protector that is Amazon’s Choice. Made from skin-friendly, non-toxic material, this Sleepyhead mattress protector is highly absorbent and easy to maintain. It’s a lovely white colour, but don’t worry about that, it won’t leave any stains. Also, it will match any bedroom wall.Elegant, easy to wash, and cooler than cotton mattress protectors

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