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Best wooden stool for living room in India

Best wooden stool for living room in India
Wooden stools are a cozy addition to any living and working area and since they are readily available at most places and websites, they are a popular home decor choice. The rustic feel emitted by a wooden stool, can switch up the vibe of any corner, be it your home or office. Wooden stools also offer natural hues and tones, which sit well with modern interiors and can add an aesthetic charisma to your space.
So if you have been on the lookout for a stool or two, that can revamp your room but within a reasonable budget, then your search concludes here! We have pulled out 6 wooden stools available online, that are artistic and cost-effective as well.

Amaze Shoppee Wooden Beautiful Handmade Stool

High Stability

This handmade mango-wood stool has an attractive finish and it assures you of high stability, durability and utility. Topped with an intricate floral pattern, the stool is a blend of a contemporary design with vintage aesthetics, which makes it a sought after home decor item. It will especially match well with neutral interiors, given its cozy wooden vibe. You can bag this stool for your home or present it as a gift to a new homeowner.This highly durable handmade mango-wood stool assures you of stability and utility.

Furniture Cafe Wooden Stools

Smooth Edges

Made out of 100% natural mango wood and equipped with a weight holding capacity of 100 kg, this pre-assembled stool can be positioned anywhere, as per your choice. Embedded with a flower design on its top surface, the stool has a comfortable height and it can play various roles- be it as a lampstand or a plant pot holder. Further, the smoothed edges of this stool allow children and pets to be around without hurting themselves. This portable stool's fittings have also been prepared to fight against rust and its sturdiness guarantees a long life span, overall.Made out of 100% natural mango wood, this portable stool serves an array of purposes.

Simran Handicrafts Round Wooden Stool

Lightweight Design

This round multi-functional stool is a blend of solid wood and plyboard, with an unconventional design. It can be employed as a seating arrangement, side table, lampstand, coffee table, amid a variety of other uses. This stool is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and it can shoulder up to 100 kg of load. Further, this wooden stool is delivered in a pre-assembled state for your ease. Ideal as an outdoor and indoor furniture piece, this stool has a hard-to-miss luxe appeal, making it perfect as a self-gift or for a dear one on their special day.This multi-functional stool is a blend of solid wood and plyboard, with an unconventional design.

Incredible Hub Wooden Small Stool

Hand Carved

This pre-assembled multipurpose wooden stool has a chic design and a luxurious feel to its overall appearance. Designed out of a reclaimed cedar tree stump, this stool has been hand-carved to maintain its natural feel. Additionally, this stool caters to different objectives and can be stationed as a coffee table, bedside table, study table and so on. The versatility of this item pairs well with any surrounding, be it residential or commercial. Its complete luxe display makes it an impeccable gifting choice as well.This pre-assembled multipurpose wooden stool has a chic design and an overall luxurious appearance.

Danish Art Window Beautiful Antique Wooden Stool

Portable Design

This handmade wooden stool is etched with intricate brass work and it even serves as a decorative table. It's simple yet antique semblance, lures every wooden art enthusiast. Moreover, with a concealed storage space, this premium quality stool helps you to declutter your immediate environment. Although it is lightweight and easy to move around, it can bear up to 100 kg of weight. The stool can be positioned anywhere, be it your bedroom, living room or dining hall and it is fit for the outdoors as well.This handmade premium wooden stool serves as a decorative table as well.

JH Gallery Handcrafted and Emboss Painted Colorful Wood Elephant Shape Garden Table

Elephant Shape

This hand-painted decorative elephant stool with Rajasthani motifs, is hand-carved out of wood and it can liven up any corner with its vibrancy. The statue cum stool can be used as a home decor item as well as a storage solution. So if you have a bunch of books lying around or want to find a place for your new planter, this artsy mango-wood stool will serve the purpose. For increased longevity, keep it away from warmth, heat and direct sunlight.This hand-painted mango-wood elephant stool with Rajasthani motifs, can liven up any corner.

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