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Mobile Is No Longer Just For Short, Viral Video Clips

Mobile Is No Longer Just For Short, Viral Video Clips

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A Majority Of Consumers Prefer Watching Long-Form Video Over Short Clips On A Mobile Device (Mobile Marketer)
Mobile Marketer cites a survey from mobile media company Vuclip that states over 65% of consumers that watch video on mobile prefer watching full-length movies or TV shows over short clips.

It creates an important opportunity for advertisers. With users spending longer periods of time on their smartphones, particularly in the mobile video category, advertisers will have an easier time reaching audiences.

It also means that the mobile video advertising ecosystem isn't locked into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in-feed auto play ads. Marketers must also consider long-form content from Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube. Read >

In other news...

Global smartphone sales surpassed 250 million units in the third quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Growth was fueled primarily by Samsung, whose shipments grew twice as fast as Apple's. (VentureBeat)

LinkedIn third quarter earnings are out. Total users reached 259 million after 40% year-over-year growth. (CNet)

Yelp also released its third quarter earnings. The company claims its mobile app is now used on 11.2 million devices. (All Things Digital)

Nokia sold a company record 8.8 million units of its Lumia smartphones in the third quarter. On top of that, North American sales are up over 350% year-over-year. (The Verge)

Struggling handset maker BlackBerry met with Facebook about a potential purchase bid. (Wall Street Journal)

The largest payments processing company in the U.S., First Data, acquired mobile loyalty rewards startup Perka. It will likely utilize this acquisition to enter the mobile payments industry. (TechCrunch)

Networking equipment giant Cisco has created a dedicated Internet Of Things division. (ZDNet)

Cable network Comcast is updating its mobile app to offer live TV streaming from anywhere. (The Verge)


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