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Netflix has yet to win an Emmy for best series, but it still has a stronger TV library than most of its competition

Netflix has yet to win an Emmy for best series, but it still has a stronger TV library than most of its competition




  • Netflix lost Emmys for drama, comedy, and limited series to HBO and Amazon Prime Video on Sunday.
  • The streaming giant has yet to win a series Emmy, but it makes up for those losses in other ways.
  • Netflix has the second-biggest TV library of any streamer behind Prime Video, according to data from streaming search engine Reelgood, and is neck-and-neck with Hulu in the amount of "high-quality" shows it offers.
  • Netflix had the second-most Emmy wins this year behind HBO, but had more nominations than HBO last year and tied it for most wins.
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Netflix lost some major Emmy awards on Sunday to HBO and Amazon Prime Video, marking another year when the streaming giant failed to land a series win.

HBO's "Game of Thrones" and "Chernobyl" won the Emmy for best drama series, beating Netflix's "Bodyguard" and "Ozark," which won the prize for best directing for a drama series. Heading into Sunday night, Netflix's "When They See Us" was a favorite to win the award for best limited series, but lost to its biggest competition, HBO's "Chernobyl."

Prime Video dominated the comedy category, including a best comedy series win for "Fleabag," beating Netflix's "Russian Doll."

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But Netflix makes up for those losses in other ways and doesn't necessarily need a series Emmy win to prove its worth.

With over 150 million subscribers worldwide, 60 million of which are in the US, Netflix is the streaming champion. And its TV library is still stronger than most of its competition.

Netflix has 1,966 total shows available to stream, second only to Prime Video in terms of streaming services, according to data from streaming search-engine Reelgood provided to Business Insider. Netflix has the most original shows of its competition by far and is expected to spend up to $15 billion this year on content.

when they see us


"When They See Us"

And when it comes to high-quality TV shows, Hulu and Netflix are neck-and-neck, according to the data. Hulu has 213 high-quality shows while Netflix has 203. Reelgood defined a high-quality show as any with an 8 rating or higher on IMDb.

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But Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have still never been the kind of Emmys powerhouse that Netflix is (despite Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" winning a series Emmy).

Netflix won 27 Emmys total this year (including the Creative Arts Emmys), second only to HBO. And while HBO reclaimed the crown this year, Netflix beat HBO in the number of Emmy nominations last year and tied for the most wins.

While Netflix is in a solid place right now, it could become more vulnerable in the near future.

As Business Insider's Ashley Rodriguez wrote, Netflix's second-place Emmys status came at at a time when the streaming battle is dramatically heating up with incoming competition from Apple (Apple TV Plus), Disney (Disney Plus), WarnerMedia (HBO Max), and NBCUniversal (Peacock).

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