One man created an amazing update to the original Nintendo Game Boy


The original Nintendo Game Boy was the size of a hotel bible, required four AA batteries, and only played games in black and white.


Nintendo Game Boy

Evan Amos, Wikimedia

Game Boy is one of the best-selling game consoles Nintendo's ever made - that includes the original Nintendo Entertainment System and the enormously popular Nintendo Wii.

Beautiful, isn't it? 

But one ambitious gentleman thought he could make it even more beautiful. Behold: the updated Nintendo Game Boy, with the ability to play games from the original Nintendo through to the Game Boy Advance, including Sega's consoles and some old arcade games!


Not a bad look, right? Being able to play "Super Mario World" - arguably the best "Super Mario" game ever made - on-the-go is fantastic. So, what makes this thing tick? Check it out.