Indian vlogger travelled halfway around the world to watch PewDiePie banned video

Indian vlogger travelled halfway around the world to watch PewDiePie banned video
An Indian vlogger, Saiman Says, travelled to the UK to meet PewDiePie and watch his video, which are now banned in IndiaScreenshot from PewDiePie's 'Congralutions'

  • Saiman Waghdhar, known as Saiman Says on YouTube, travelled to the United Kingdom in order to get around India’s ban on two PewDiePie videos.

  • Last week the Delhi High Court banned ‘B**ch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’ on YouTube in India.

  • Felix Kjellberg, the Swedish vlogger known as PewDiePie has also come under scrutiny with respect to the Christchurch shooting.
The row between T-Series and PewDiePie was not without its consequences. Felix Kjellberg’s ‘B**ch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’ were banned in India last week for being racist and inflammatory.

But, in order to get around the ban, one fan Saiman Waghdhar — popularly known as Saiman Says on YouTube — flew all the way to the United Kingdom. In his video, ‘PewDiePie, I’m coming for you !!! (meet me please)’, the Indian vlogger reminisces how, “Life has been for me. I used to watch B**ch Lasagna 399 times in a day and now I cannot even watch it once back in India.”

‘B**tch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’ were meant to be ‘diss tracks’ aimed at T-Series, an Indian music company that is now the most subscribed channel on YouTube with 95 million subscribers. Despite the ban many users have posted copies of the songs through other channels, so technically, the song is still available in India.

Waghdhar clarifies that he didn’t just travel to the United Kingdom for the sole purpose of meeting PewDiePie but that he was already plans to travel for another project.


The Saiman Says channel blew up in November last year when Waghdhar responded to MrBeast’s video by creating a parody video where he bought up billboards advertising T-Series in India.

PewDiePie Ban

Last week, the Delhi High Court issued an order for YouTube to remove those two songs from the platform categorising them to be ‘defamatory and disparaging’ as well as ‘racist, inflammatory and hateful’.

It is pleaded that the lyrics used in the two impugned songs uploaded by defendant no.1 (PewDiePie)... are on the face of it defamatory, disparaging, insulting and offensive. These videos are accessible throughout the world to a global audience of more than a billion who access internet and YouTube everyday.

Delhi High Court order banning ‘B**ch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’

In ‘Congratulations’, PewDiePie cites the tax evasion case against former T-Series owner, Bushan Kumar, and points out, “India got YouTube figured out… How about next you figure how to fix the caste system… Maybe all those ads will solve your poverty”.

And, it’s not just the courts in India that are calling PewDiePie racist. A petition is also making the rounds looking to ban the Swedish vlogger for his ‘white supremist’ content. It was filed after the Christchurch Shooter announced, “Subscribe to PewDiePie,” during the live stream of the event only a mere moments before going on his shooting rampage.

Kjellberg addressed the petition in one of his videos saying that the claims were “blatantly misrepresenting and misinforming people.”

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