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Trump's former CFO faces 5 months jail for perjuring himself in the former president's NY fraud case

Laura Italiano   

Trump's former CFO faces 5 months jail for perjuring himself in the former president's NY fraud case
  • Allen Weisselberg, Trump Org's top fiscal officer for 30 years, pleaded guilty to perjury.
  • The ex-CFO lied on the stand at Donald Trump's civil fraud trial in New York last year.

Allen Weisselberg, Donald Trump's longtime, loyal top moneyman at the Trump Organization, pleaded guilty Monday to lying in a pre-trial deposition and on the stand during the former president's civil fraud trial in New York last year.

The former CFO, who already served 100 days in a New York City jail, now faces five additional months of jail time when he is sentenced April 10.

Weisselberg pleaded guilty in state court in Manhattan to two felony charges of first degree perjury, admittedly lying on two occasions.

The first was during a court-mandated, pre-trial deposition, given under oath before the NY Attorney General's office. The second time was on the stand at the Trump civil trial on October 10, 2023.

Both lies downplayed his and Trump's involvement in the single largest fraud in Trump's decadelong habit of exaggerating his net worth in banking statements — the size of the former president's triplex atop Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Read the charges Weisselberg admitted to here.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Gary Fishman told Criminal Court Judge Laurie Peterson that DA Alvin Bragg's office agreed to the five-month sentence after balancing the seriousness of the charges against Weisselberg's age and immediate cooperation.

Perjury "tears at the very fabric of our justice system," Fishman said.

"Allen Weisselberg looks forward to putting this situation behind him," said Seth L. Rosenberg, an attorney for Weisselberg, 76. Weisselberg did not speak to reporters as he left Manhattan Criminal Court.

"It is a crime to lie in depositions and at trial — plain and simple," said a spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

Trump's attorney-turned-nemesis Michael Cohen once worked side-by-side with Weisselberg and the former president at Trump Org's Trump Tower headquarters in Manhattan.

He told Business Insider Monday morning that Weisselberg "absolutely" deserves jail time.

"He's pleading guilty to a perjury charge, including the fact that he got sweetheart deal the first time around of only 100 days," Cohen said.

Weisselberg has been a principal witness in three of Trump's most dangerous court cases.

He — or at least his paperwork — will be key to Trump's upcoming hush-money criminal trial.

Previously, in early 2023, Weisselberg served more than three months for admittedly running a complex, decades-long payroll-tax fraud scheme at Trump Org.

More recently, he was a key witness last October at Trump's Manhattan civil trial, in a case that uncovered a decade of fraud in the company's annual financial statements.

It is in this testimony that Weisselberg allegedly downplayed at least his own role in the fraudulent exaggerations a Manhattan judge found Trump used to secure $168 million in loan interest breaks.

News of Weisselberg's plea negotiations was first broken by the New York Times one month ago.

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