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Indian chief ministers who had the shortest stint with power

Indian chief ministers who had the shortest stint with power
Political machinations during the formation of state and central governments often become interesting and unpredictable. During one such episode that happened over the short period following the announcement of election results in Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis resigned his post shortly after swearing in. This occurrence adds his name in the list of shortest serving Chief Ministers in India.

Just three days after swearing in as the chief minister of Maharashtra for his second term, Devendra Fadnavis of the BJP resigned his office. On Tuesday, he submitted his resignation to the Governor of the state Bhagat Singh Koshyari following the resignation of Ajit Pawar as the deputy CM. Just three days back, the governor had administered the oath of office for these two leaders in a hastily organized ceremony at the Raj Bhavan. The event sent political ripples all over the nation and across all the other parties in the state. Addressing a press meeting immediately after his resignation, Fadnavis remarked, “We don’t have the majority after Ajit Pawar’s resignation as Dy CM.”

Devendra Fadnavis held the CM post only for 3 days

By resigning his CM post in just three days, Fadnavis becomes the second CM in the state of Maharashtra to have served the shortest term. Before him, PK Sawant who swore in as the CM of Maharashtra in 1963 remained in office only for nine days. Nevertheless, there had been other CMs who remained in their office for very short terms in other states of India.

BS Yedyurappa sat on the PM chair just for 3 days
Last year when the government of Karnataka was being formed, BS Yedyurappa functioned as the CM only for three days. He resigned shortly after his swearing in since BJP could not show its majority during the floor test in the state assembly. Following his resignation, Yedyurappa joined the list along with Jagadambiga Pal as the shortest serving chief minister. The Supreme Court gave a day’s time for Yedyurappa to prove his majority support in the assembly.

Jagdambiga Pal occupied the CM’s seat only for a day

In 1988, Jagadambiga Pal served as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh just for a day. When a floor test was called for, the state assembly witnessed an unprecedented turmoil and violence. Following that, the governor Romesh Bhandari recommended that the state comes under President’s rule.

Satish Prasad Singh’s tenure as the CM lasted just for a week
In the year 1968, Satish Prasad Singh swore in as the Chief Minister of Bihar. When he assumed his office, he was the youngest to become the CM of the state. However, he could remain in power only for about a week due to some unexpected political turns.

SC Marak remained in the CM’s office only for 13 days

In Meghalaya, SC Marak, a senior Congress Leader remained on the CM’s seat only for 13 days. His tenure lasted from February 27, 1998 to March 10, 1998.

Janaki Ramachandran functioned as the CM for 23 days only
Janaki Ramachandran, wife of AIADMK founder and Chief MG Ramachandran functioned as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu only for 23 days. Her tenure stretched from January 7, 1988 to January 30, 1988.


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