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Top Putin ally says a 'destructive civil confrontation' could happen in the US over Texas border standoff

Alia Shoaib   

Top Putin ally says a 'destructive civil confrontation' could happen in the US over Texas border standoff
  • Dmitry Medvedev taunted the Biden administration over the escalating Texas border standoff.
  • He predicted a "destructive civil confrontation" and suggested Texas could become a separate country.

A former Russian president and ally of Vladimir Putin taunted the Biden administration over the Texas border crisis and suggested a "destructive civil confrontation" in the US could be coming.

Dmitry Medvedev criticized "senile old man Biden" for the high numbers of migrants trying to cross into the US at the southern border in a post on X on Friday.

The dispute between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the federal government has been escalating over the state's use of razor wire to deter migrants.

Medvedev said that the possibility of establishing a "People's Republic of Texas" is getting "more and more real," days after Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested a "national divorce" between blue and red states over the issue of migration.

"This is yet another vivid example of the US hegemony getting weaker, a process that is happening from the inside, and is the result of the Americans' own actions," Medvedev wrote.

The US has been one of Ukraine's strongest international allies since Russia invaded, which has strained relations between the US and Russia.

Despite his past as a pro-West reformer, Medvedev has become one of the fiercest defenders of the war in Ukraine.

He criticized the US for its "blind" support of Ukraine and jabbed at the government, describing the border crisis as "an attack of the Great Loser's bad disease."

The standoff at the border has been intensifying as Abbott has remained defiant after a Supreme Court ruling that said US Border Patrol agents could remove the razor wire put up by the Texas National Guard.

There is a Texas secession movement, dubbed Texit, whose de facto leader recently told Newsweek that he believes Texas could become an independent nation within three decades.

Some on social media joked that Putin had "signed a decree recognizing the independence of the Texas People's Republic."

The border standoff has catapulted debates about how to handle migration into the spotlight, with Republicans criticizing the Biden administration for high numbers of migrants.

Migration levels are reaching record levels, with US officials saying around 300,000 people tried to cross the border in December.

The dispute has inflamed loose talk of civil war and resistance from conservative media and US politicians, according to The Washington Post.

Former President Donald Trump has made stoking concerns over immigration a central plank of his campaign for his second Republican nomination for president.

Trump has often spoken of his close relationship with Putin. He continued to praise the Russian leader for being "smart" and "genius" even after he began his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

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