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Trump says his son Donald Jr. 'couldn't be beaten' if he ran for office in 'certain places': book

Oma Seddiq,Grace Panetta   

Trump says his son Donald Jr. 'couldn't be beaten' if he ran for office in 'certain places': book
  • Former President Trump says he'd support his son Donald Trump Jr. if he runs for office someday.
  • "There are certain places where he couldn't be beaten," Trump told journalist David Drucker.

Former President Donald Trump said he'd throw his support behind his son, Donald Trump Jr., should he choose to run for public office in the future.

"I would help him," Trump told Washington Examiner's David Drucker in an interview for his new book, "In Trump's Shadow: The Battle for 2024 and the Future of the GOP," which came out on Tuesday.

"There are certain places where he couldn't be beaten," the former president added, without mentioning specifics.

Donald Jr. played a prominent role by fundraising and campaigning for his father during the 2020 presidential election. Since the defeat, Trump's eldest son has amplified lies that the race was plagued by widespread voter fraud, a claim that has been repeatedly disproven by state and federal officials.

Donald Jr. has also been his father's most prominent surrogate on the campaign trail for down-ballot Republican candidates, putting in time and resources into campaigning and building relationships with GOP politicians and powerful donors around the country.

He "raised money on the stodgy rubber chicken circuit, joined business-themed roundtables, ginned up the grass roots at MAGA rallies and mini- MAGA meetups, and was the guest of honor at pigeon shoots," Drucker wrote.

Republican insiders have gushed about Donald Jr.'s ability to connect with voters and he's even been floated as a GOP presidential primary contender in straw polls, finishing first in some surveys, according to Drucker's reporting.

Donald Jr. is "someone who, in a lot of ways, embodied MAGA even before there was a MAGA-someone who was a bomb thrower even before it became cool," a source in Trump's circle told Drucker eight months before the 2020 election.

Donald Jr. also helped serve as a conduit of sorts to smooth over rocky relations between Trump and down-ballot Republicans, including helping secure a Trump endorsement for former Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, who had previously denounced the former president's comments on women and certain ethnic minorities.

"Junior and I had one thing in common and I think that's what kept us together," Heller told Drucker in 2020. "We both loved to hunt."

Through his years of fundraising work, Donald Jr. has also amassed a goldmine of incredibly valuable donor and voter data that could be put towards a future campaign, according to Drucker.

When asked by Fox News about a 2024 run, Donald Jr. said in July that he hasn't "personally thought about it."

"Who knows. The reality with that job is you also have to want to do the day job," Donald Jr. said. "It's not just about the campaigning. I love being in that fight, I love fighting for the things that are out there that I believe in as a conservative."

Trump told Drucker that if his adult children want to follow in his footsteps, "You've got to want to do this."

"I think they would have a great future if they wanted it. I'm not sure they want it. If you don't want it, it's going to be very tough," Trump said.

Donald Jr. has not announced any political ambitions as of yet, but he's spent time blasting the Biden administration on social media and attending conservative and GOP events, such as the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Since leaving office, Trump has also elevated Donald Jr. as one of his chief political advisors, according to a CNN report in April. The former president has teased a 2024 run since leaving office, but has stopped short of making any formal announcement.


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