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This website can help you get back your money on cancelled flights

This website can help you get back your money on cancelled flights
Did you ever have to cancel a flight booking because of an emergency? Last minute flight cancellations cost customers a lot of money even though many times the cancellation reasons are genuine.
In publicised cases like the United Airlines case where many passengers were asked to deboard, passengers don’t know their entitlements even if the airline provides them an alternate flight. In light of such cases and increased cancellations, it is important for the traveler to know what they can do if they are denied boarding, bumped off the flight or even when they are offered another alternative to their original booking.

To help customers get back the maximum compensation for their flight,, a travel technology company that is helping fliers travel with ease. The website is helping customers by getting informed updates through their syndicated systems and helping them claim their compensation and refunds in much talked about cases of denied boarding, flight cancellations and forcefully removing a passenger from an aircraft in case of overbooking.

The company started its operations in India in 2016 and they have been receiving over 100 queries every month that accumulate to a total of crores of compensation that the airlines take advantage of.

The website works with lawyers to help resolve queries of their customers and given the legal factors involved and the rules and regulations set by the DGCA, most customers are not aware about what they should be doing when they face incidents like these.
How do they help?

Passengers can file their claims at Flight details, journey date, PNR number, post which their automated technology will start working on putting together the case. Once the information is compiled, the claim will be reviewed by our legal team and sent to the airline for processing the same. The average time that they generally take to process a claim is 30 days.