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An 11-year-old girl is going viral on TikTok after showing off her luxury outfits including a $124,000 watch and a $31,000 handbag

Sawdah Bhaimiya   

An 11-year-old girl is going viral on TikTok after showing off her luxury outfits including a $124,000 watch and a $31,000 handbag
  • 11-year-old Moo Abraham went viral on TikTok this year after showing off her lavish lifestyle.
  • Videos on the account of Love Luxury, a store owned by her parents, show her modelling clothes and jewelry worth thousands.

An 11-year-old girl has caused a stir on TikTok and divided users' opinions as videos of her showing off her luxury items including a $124,000 watch and a $31,000 Hermés handbag have gone viral.

Moo Abraham, nicknamed the "billionaire's daughter" on TikTok, is the daughter of Emily and Adam Abraham, the founders of a London-based second-hand luxury goods store called Love Luxury, which buys and sells products like handbags, watches, and jewelry.

While most 11-year-olds are out playing games with cheap, plastic toys, Moo Abraham has made her appearance on TikTok decked out in spendy designer gear like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, and Hermés.

The hashtag #billionairesdaughter has even accrued over 200 million views on TikTok, and can be found under videos posted by Love Luxury of the preteen's glitzy and expensive lifestyle. I wanna be a billionaire so … bad #billionaire #rich #entrepreneur #money #hermes #hermeskelly #luxury #luxurylifestyle #london #knightsbridge #harrods ♬ original sound - LoveLuxury

"She's always wanted to be in front of the camera," Emily Abraham told Insider in an interview. "She was always doing dance routines or gymnastics routines or singing and tying a blanket around her neck and running up to the windows, singing the Frozen song. So she's always been very flamboyant and had a lot of confidence."

She explained that one of her employees at Love Luxury who was running its social media account decided to create a TikTok video of Moo Abraham showing off an outfit with the title: "Asking a millionaire how much their outfit is worth."

It was her husband Adam Abraham who decided to switch out the word "millionaire" for "billionaire," which she believes was the "catalyst" that made her daughter go viral on the platform. It isn't clear what Abraham's net worth is.

In one video on Love Luxury's TikTok, which has 1.8 million followers, Moo Abraham appears on the steps of Love Luxury's store in Knightsbridge, London alongside her mother and is asked how much her outfit is worth.

She shows off a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 watch on her wrist saying it's £100,000 ($124,000) and a black Hermés Kelly handbag, which she said costs £25,000 ($31,000.)

The price of a Hermés Kelly handbag can range from between $8,700 to around $42,400. The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711, which was discontinued by the brand, is being resold for anywhere between £70,000 ($87,000) to £266,798 ($333,000) on the luxury watch marketplace Chrono24.

Business Insider couldn't independently verify whether Moo Abraham owns the items she models, or whether they are stock in her parents' store.

The video has now racked up 1.5 million views. Some users have questioned such lavish displays of luxury amid high inflation and a cost of living crisis in the UK.

"So hard to watch when so many people are struggling to even keep warm," one said.

But others view the video as a lighthearted escape from their own reality. One user wrote: "Everything's I Own Cost Roughly 40,000. I Am Grateful For My Life Buuuuuuut I'd Love To Live Like This For A Day lol. #LoveThem."

In another similar TikTok video, Moo Abraham shares the cost of her bag and each accessory she is wearing, with the items racking up to a value of £54,500 ($67,852.)

Other videos show Moo and her mother visiting luxury car and private jet showrooms, saying they want to buy gifts for her dad like a $297,000 ($370,000) Rolls Royce Cullinan and a private jet.

Earlier this year, she walked the runway at London Fashion Week.

Emily Abraham said that although viewers think her daughter is spoiled, "she doesn't get to have everything she wants."

She said: "So what we do is we allow her to invest in pieces that we know are good investments, that if she wants to put her little bit of earnings or her pocket money into an item, that when she's older, that item's still going to be worth some money."

She insists that her family of three "are just normal people," who worked extremely hard to get to where they are.

"I also have to say that the cost of living crisis is going on, and we are very aware of that but in the same breath if we have worked hard for what we have, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to share our life experiences," Emily Abraham said.

She added: "People who maybe would never get to come to Dubai, maybe never get to see the fountains, may never get to go on an airplane, may never get to go in a flashy car. They are kind of living that life through us and it's a form of escapism for a lot of people."

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