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DoorDash glitch gave customers free food worth thousands of dollars

Ryan Hogg   

DoorDash glitch gave customers free food worth thousands of dollars
  • A glitch meant some DoorDash customers were able to obtain free orders.
  • Customers posted receipts worth thousands of dollars on social media following the problem.

Some DoorDash customers took advantage of a glitch on the food delivery site to order thousands of dollars worth of groceries and food for free.

Posts on social media indicated a problem affecting the site on Thursday night that allowed users to check out without making a payment.

One customer showed a receipt on his DoorDash account for more than $3,000, with items including 32 packs of diapers and 45 units of baking soda. A later picture posted by the user showed several boxes of alcohol that appear to have been ordered from the site.

In a Twitter message, another customer told Insider he received goods worth about $10,000 for free as a result of the glitch.

Some customers who successfully completed a fraudulent order boasted that they had blocked their card to avoid DoorDash retroactively taking payment from them.

One user who told Insider he had bought $400 worth of items from the app said DoorDash had not been in touch to recover items.

According to the DoorDash website, the site charges a commission on all orders. It appears that merchants delivering the products were the ones missing out on the bulk of payments from the glitch, per the company.

A spokesperson told Insider: "On the evening of July 7th DoorDash experienced a payment processing issue, and as a result, some users were able to check out without an authorized form of payment for a short period of time. We were subsequently notified that some users were placing fraudulent orders, and we immediately corrected the issue.

The spokesperson added: "We're actively canceling fraudulent orders, and are in touch with merchants impacted to ensure they are compensated for any unauthorized orders they may have received. We work to ensure that we are always offering the highest quality of service to the communities we serve, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this."