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People are going crazy over how this self-checkout pronounces 'organic bananas'

Alexandra Bacon   

People are going crazy over how this self-checkout pronounces 'organic bananas'
  • TikTok users are reveling in how a Stop & Shop self-checkout pronounces "organic bananas."
  • The video has racked up 7.3 million views, and people are trying to figure out what makes it so funny.

The robotic voice of a Stop & Shop self-checkout has the internet cracking up in how it pronounces "organic bananas."

A video posted to TikTok by user Everett showed a man putting the "organic bananas" through the self-checkout and laughing at the intonation of the machine's pronunciation.

"That's my favorite thing in this whole store," the person who appears to be filming the video says.

The TikTok racked up 7.3 million views in just 10 days, and the comment section is bursting with people trying to understand what makes it so funny.

"She says it like she's trying not to laugh at our little inside joke about organic bananas," one comment with nearly 200,000 likes says.

"It's like she tilts her head down, looking over her glasses, and smirks when she says bananas," said another.

The company even commented on the video, saying: "We just feel really passionately about ~organic bananas~."

In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson for the chain said that it is "finding it b-a-n-a-n-a-s that this TikTok is getting so much traction!

"It's not every day our self-checkout machines become a viral sensation, but we're here for it," they added.

The comments on the organic bananas video spurred the user to post more TikToks of the self-checkout pronouncing different products.

Yams were next. "Okay, the self-checkout voice saying 'yams' is kinda aggressive," he wrote on text overlay on the video, which has 2.4 million views. The next video showed the checkout trying to pronounce "bok choy."

Some users were surprised that the checkout named the items out loud. "Imagine buying personal items, and it just announces it to the world," one comment on the bok choy video said.

Self-checkouts have faced a lot of scrutiny in recent years.

They've been blamed for alienating shoppers, and increasing cases of shoplifting.

California's Senate is even considering a proposal to restrict retailers from using self-checkouts unless they meet specific conditions.

"Organic bananas" has, at least, provided some respite from self-checkout security and given social media users a laugh.

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