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Target's collection with Diane von Furstenberg is another step in the right direction for the brand as it leans into luxury for less

Samantha Grindell   

Target's collection with Diane von Furstenberg is another step in the right direction for the brand as it leans into luxury for less
  • Diane von Furstenberg released a limited-edition collection with Target on Saturday.
  • The collection combines the designer's distinct style with Target's affordability.

Diane von Furstenberg has been a household name since the '70s. The designer, 77, solidified her place in the fashion history books after she released her wrap dress in 1974, as Business of Fashion reported. Today, she's worth over $300 million, according to Forbes, and she boasts billionaire friends like Jeffery Bezos.

Despite her place in the luxury world, von Furstenberg partnered with Target and her granddaughter, Talita von Furstenberg, to create a limited-edition collection for the store. The collection, released on Saturday, includes wrap dresses, as well as other clothes, accessories, and home decor at a more accessible price point compared to that of her DVF line. Items start at $4, and while some of the furniture from the line costs $900, the clothing tops out at just $50.

Because so much of the collection was affordable, I wondered if it would be as high-quality as the designer's other products and if it would fit at Target.

On Monday, I headed to my local Target to see what it was like for myself.

My store was already wiped out of a lot of the merchandise

I went to a Target in Brooklyn to check out the collection, which had a special display in the women's clothing section.

As I walked through the racks, I saw a wrap dress sitting proudly on a mannequin, but I also saw slip dresses, knit jumpsuits, robes, and exercise sets. The pieces were all full of color and patterns, and I liked the sturdy knit feel of several of the dresses.

I was eager to try on several of the items I saw. Unfortunately, my store's size selection was limited when I arrived, and it appeared that much of their stock had been wiped out already. Target said in comments on its Instagram that several of the pieces from the collection were already sold out online as well.

I was able to try on two slip dresses that were available in my size. Both felt luxurious, and I was particularly drawn to the shorter-length dress with a green pattern. The midi-length maxi dress was cute, too, but yellow isn't my favorite color for clothes.

The dresses were comfortable and well-designed, giving me shape despite their flowy silhouettes. I could easily see myself wearing either dress on a beach vacation or out to dinner in the summer.

I also liked that both dresses had adjustable straps for comfort, as many of my dresses from Target do. But I noticed the fabric was already fraying around the clasps.

The fraying made me wonder about the longevity of the garments, but they only cost $30 each, so a little loose fabric wasn't a dealbreaker for me.

I walked away thinking the dresses I tried on were beautiful, and I just wished my store had more products in stock.

The accessories and home products were just as cute as the clothes

I was most focused on checking out the clothes in the collection, but I found myself enamored with the accessories and home decor products once I was in the store.

There was a rack of reusable, reversible market bags in fun patterns that cost $10 each, which I was immediately drawn to as a tote bag fan. They were spacious and sturdy, and they even had a zipper pocket inside that could easily fit a wallet and keys.

A colorful apron for kids (that has since sold out online) caught my eye, as did a line of nail polishes von Furstenberg and Target released with Sally Hansen. I was surprised by how soft a green throw blanket felt, but I was less impressed by the feel of the comforter sets, which cost $80 for a queen-sized set and were a little rough to the touch.

Overall, the wide-ranging collection felt like a perfect match for Target, which has been steadily elevating its clothing and home offerings for years now. It releases seasonal collections spotlighting various designers, from Sergio Hudson to Christopher John Rogers.

The store has also been leaning into celebrity and top brand-name partnerships to level up its offerings. For instance, Chip and Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Home line has been a staple at Target since 2017, and the store teamed up with Kendra Scott on a jewelry line in September 2023. Its exclusive collaboration with Stanley on Valentine's Day cups also brought buyers out in droves.

After seeing it in person, Target's collaboration with von Furstenberg seems like a natural progression of its brand strategy as it continues to offer products that feel luxurious for less.

Shop the Diane von Furstenberg x Target collection.

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