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  4. The cool girls have already moved on from Stanley Cups to a different massive water bottle

The cool girls have already moved on from Stanley Cups to a different massive water bottle

Samantha Grindell,Libby Torres   

The cool girls have already moved on from Stanley Cups to a different massive water bottle
  • Stanley Cups have become massively popular thanks to social media and buzzy collabs.
  • But the cool girls have switched to Owala water bottles.

If you're looking for a new water bottle, you've probably already considered buying a Stanley Cup.

The bottles have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, largely thanks to social media, so much so that it seems nearly everyone has them.

But some water drinkers who want an aesthetically pleasing product as much as they want a bottle that keeps their drinks cold are switching to another brand.

Stanley Cups are the water bottles of the moment, but they're not perfect

Stanley's Quencher water bottle, colloquially called the Stanley Cup, has become massively popular. Buyers flock to the 40-ounce bottle because it's huge (though Stanley offers it in five sizes), has thick insulation, and features a handle that makes it easy to tote. It also comes in various colors and can be customized, allowing people to show their personalities through their bottles. The 40-ounce cup retailed for $45 at the time of writing.

Stanley Cups have become a symbol on social media as they've gained traction. If you've watched a "get ready with me" video on TikTok or a "day in the life" vlog on Instagram recently, you've probably seen an influencer sipping from their Stanley Cup while they go about their day.

The cup's popularity seemed to reach a fever pitch in November after a woman shared a video saying her car caught fire — she appeared to find her Stanley Quencher inside, undamaged with ice still in it.

CNBC reported that the Quencher had helped Stanley grow its annual sales of $70 million a year to $750 million over the past four years.

There's no denying the cups are popular and can keep drinks cold, but some social-media users have said they've found that the Quencher leaks if turned upside down since it has a straw top. It does have a rotating lid top that covers the straw opening, but many people don't use the function as they have the straw inserted. Others have said the cups are too big to fit in their car cupholders, which makes it hard to take them on the go.

Stanley has other water bottles, such as the IceFlow flip-straw tumbler, which leaks less but doesn't have the same aesthetic appeal as the iconic Quencher.

Though it doesn't look as if Stanley Cups are going away anytime soon, some water-bottle aficionados have already moved on to another insulated option: the Owala FreeSip.

Owala water bottles are gaining steam on social media

The Owala brand specializes in water bottles, and it has a variety of styles, just like Stanley does.

It even has a similar style to the Stanley Quencher, but it's Owala's FreeSip bottle that's gaining traction on social media.


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Like Stanley Cups, the FreeSip is insulated, but instead of a cup-style top, it has a folding straw that flips open, making it leak-proof. It also comes in 13 color combinations, which feature different hues on the bottle and the lid for a fun look. The 40-ounce options cost $38 at the time of writing.

Libby Torres, an entertainment reporter at Business Insider, has the Owala FreeSip (multiple, actually), and she said she loved its aesthetic as much as its functionality.

"In addition to keeping my water ice-cold — seriously, I'll fill up my bottle before going to bed and wake up to the same number of ice cubes eight hours later — Owala bottles come in so many cute colors," she said.

"I have an orange-and-pink colorway that brings me endless serotonin, but I'm tempted to buy more and start color coordinating my outfits to Owala bottles," Torres said.

She said her boyfriend bought his own after trying hers.

Torres added that her Owalas had never leaked, even though she would often toss them into the bottom of her bags.

Stanley's exclusive collaboration with Target of Quenchers in pink and red for Valentine's Day led people to literally run to grab them from shelves before they sold out in December, so the cups' popularity probably won't wane anytime soon. But don't be surprised if you see more Owalas in 2024.