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Batting for the environment: Gujarat Titans kickstart sustainability and circular waste economy initiatives

Batting for the environment: Gujarat Titans kickstart sustainability and circular waste economy initiatives
Gujarat Titans have swiftly shed their newcomer status in the Indian Premier League (IPL) despite their relatively recent entry just two seasons ago. Their impressive debut season victory and subsequent second-place finish have firmly established their prowess on the cricket pitch. Now, they hope to emulate this excellence off the field as well, by embarking on a series of initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability and fostering a circular waste economy.

Embracing the adage ‘environmental stewardship starts at home’, Gujarat Titans have forged a strategic waste management alliance with Nepra Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. (NEPRA) for their home games during the TATA IPL 2024 season at Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi Stadium. This partnership focuses on waste segregation, recycling, and educating fans about sustainable waste management and hygienic practices, paving the way for a cleaner and greener stadium environment.

In 2011, Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) paved the way for sustainability-related initiatives, by donning a green uniform and planting trees to spread awareness. Other IPL franchises from across the country are also making strides in sustainability. Recent reports reveal that Chennai Super Kings have teamed up with IIT Madras to champion sustainable initiatives, while Rajasthan Royals have renewed their partnership with Schneider Electric, aiming to cultivate a community of environmentally aware individuals.

The collaboration of Gujarat Titans with NEPRA, aiming for a "zero waste to landfills" objective, will centre on establishing a circular waste economy. NEPRA will take charge of the efficient collection and transportation of waste, leading initiatives to raise awareness among stadium stall operators.

Additionally, mindful of the carbon footprint of visiting fans, Gujarat Titans aim to minimise GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions in the Scope 3 category. They plan to achieve this through collaboration with Gujarat Metro for transportation, the adoption of electric vehicles, and the use of public buses during the team's five home matches.

Emphasising the team’s commitment to environmental stewardship through sustainability, GT COO Colonel Arvinder Singh said: “Responsible behaviour on and off the field is an integral part of our conduct at Gujarat Titans. We are alive to the challenges that all of us face and shall strive to make a difference with our sustainable initiatives. Our partnership with NEPRA will enable us to contribute significantly to waste reduction and encourage fans to preserve the environment while enjoying the games.”

These initiatives mark a significant advancement from the Titans' previous endeavours during IPL 2023, where they focused on minimising waste sent to landfills and promoting plastic reuse through partnerships with organisations like Bisleri. The recycling of plastic into benches for schools exemplifies their dedication to community engagement and environmental conservation.

Such concerted efforts of IPL franchises towards environmental sustainability are poised to inspire sports franchises and fans globally, setting a commendable precedent for collective action in promoting eco-conscious practices.


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