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Euro 2024: Schedule, format, groups, venues, favourites and more—all you need to know about this footballing fiesta

Euro 2024: Schedule, format, groups, venues, favourites and more—all you need to know about this footballing fiesta
UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is set to kick off this Friday in Germany, marking the beginning of a month-long battle among Europe's football giants.

Germany, aiming to dethrone reigning champions Italy, will start their campaign against Scotland in Munich on the tournament's opening day—customary of the host nation.

Here's a comprehensive guide to Euro 2024 before the action begins.
Euro 2024 start and end dates
Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14 (June 15, 12:30 am IST).

Following the initial group stage, the knockout phase begins with the round of 16 matches scheduled from June 29 to July 2. Quarter-finals will be played on July 5 and July 6, with the semi-finals taking place on July 9 and July 10.

The tournament will culminate with the final match in Berlin on Sunday, July 14, 2024.
Euro 2024 venue details
Unlike Euro 2020, which spanned across various cities due to pandemic-related delays, Euro 2024 will be hosted entirely in Germany. Matches will be spread across 10 stadiums, ranging from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south.
Euro 2024 competition format
Since the 2016 edition, Euro tournaments have expanded to include 24 teams. This format complicates the group stage qualification, with teams divided into six groups. The top two teams from each group will advance to the round of 16, joined by the four best third-placed teams.
Euro 2024 groups
Here are the groups for Euro 2024:

  • Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland
  • Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania
  • Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England
  • Group D: Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France
  • Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine
  • Group F: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic
Euro 2024 tournament favourites
France, the current top-ranked team in Europe and finalists in the last two World Cups, are widely considered the favourites to win the prestigious Henri Delaunay trophy.
Euro 2024 schedule
UEFA Euro 2024 Schedule
MatchVenueDate (IST)Time (IST)
Group Stage
Germany vs ScotlandMunich15 June 202412:30 am
Hungary vs SwitzerlandCologne15 June 20246:30 pm
Spain vs CroatiaBerlin15 June 20249:30 pm
Italy vs AlbaniaDortmund16 June 202412:30 am
Poland vs NetherlandsHamburg16 June 20246:30 pm
Slovenia vs DenmarkStuttgart16 June 20249:30 pm
Serbia vs EnglandGelsenkirchen17 June 202412:30 am
Romania vs UkraineMunich17 June 20246:30 pm
Belgium vs SlovakiaFrankfurt17 June 20249:30 pm
Austria vs FranceDusseldorf18 June 202412:30 am
Turkey vs GeorgiaDortmund18 June 20249:30 pm
Portugal vs Czech RepublicLeipzig19 June 202412:30 am
Croatia vs AlbaniaHamburg19 June 20246:30 pm
Germany vs HungaryStuttgart19 June 20249:30 pm
Scotland vs SwitzerlandCologne20 June 202412:30 am
Slovenia vs SerbiaMunich20 June 20246:30 pm
Denmark vs EnglandFrankfurt20 June 20249:30 pm
Spain vs ItalyGelsenkirchen21 June 202412:30 am
Slovakia vs UkraineDusseldorf21 June 20246:30 pm
Poland vs AustriaBerlin21 June 20249:30 pm
Netherlands vs FranceLeipzig22 June 202412:30 am
Georgia vs Czech RepublicHamburg22 June 20246:30 pm
Turkey vs PortugalDortmund22 June 20249:30 pm
Belgium vs RomaniaCologne23 June 202412:30 am
Switzerland vs GermanyFrankfurt24 June 202412:30 am
Scotland vs HungaryStuttgart24 June 202412:30 am
Albania vs SpainDusseldorf25 June 202412:30 am
Croatia vs ItalyLeipzig25 June 202412:30 am
France vs PolandDortmund25 June 20249:30 pm
Netherlands vs AustriaBerlin25 June 20249:30 pm
Denmark vs SerbiaMunich26 June 202412:30 am
England vs SloveniaCologne26 June 202412:30 am
Slovakia vs RomaniaFrankfurt26 June 20249:30 pm
Ukraine vs BelgiumStuttgart26 June 20249:30 pm
Georgia vs PortugalGelsenkirchen27 June 202412:30 am
Czech Republic vs TurkeyHamburg27 June 202412:30 am
Round of 16
38. 2A vs 2BBerlin29 June 20249:30 pm
37. 1A vs 2CDortmund30 June 202412:30 am
40. 1C vs 3DGelsenkirchen30 June 20249:30 pm
39. 1B vs 3ACologne1 July 202412:30 am
42. 2D vs 2EDusseldorf1 July 20249:30 pm
41. 1F vs 3AFrankfurt2 July 202412:30 am
43. 1E vs 3AMunich2 July 20249:30 pm
44. 1D vs 2FLeipzig3 July 202412:30 am
45. W39 vs W37Stuttgart5 July 20249:30 pm
46. W41 vs W42Hamburg6 July 202412:30 am
47. W40 vs W38Dusseldorf6 July 20249:30 pm
48. W43 vs W44Berlin7 July 202412:30 am
49. W45 vs W46Munich10 July 202412:30 am
50. W47 vs W48Dortmund11 July 202412:30 am
W49 vs W50Berlin15 July 202412:30 am

Where to watch Euro 2024?
In India, Euro 2024 matches will be broadcast live on the Sony Sports Network and streamed on Sony LIV, ensuring fans can follow all the action from start to finish.

Stay tuned as Euro 2024 promises exhilarating football moments and intense competition among Europe's—and therefore the world’s—elite national teams.