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Reddit users are questioning if it's really Keith Gill behind the memes that sparked the latest GameStop rally

Matthew Fox   

Reddit users are questioning if it's really Keith Gill behind the memes that sparked the latest GameStop rally
  • Reddit users this week have been questioning whether Keith Gill was behind Roaring Kitty's recent social media posts.
  • The Roaring Kitty X account started tweeting for the first time in three years on Sunday, sparking a revival in GameStop stock.

Meme stock aficionados want to know: Was that really Keith Gill behind the deluge of tweets that sparked more than a 100% surge in GameStop stock this week?

Reddit users have been speculating and debating the question since Gill's @TheRoaringKitty X account made its first post in three years on Sunday.

Questions about who exactly had been posting to the account were heightened by the fact that Gill has not made any posts to his two other social media accounts on Reddit and YouTube, as well as the fact that all of the 58 tweets that have come from @TheRoaringKitty since Sunday are mostly compilations of movie scenes spliced together.

If a message is being sent to the meme-stock faithful, it's pretty inscrutable.

Reddit users wondered why Gill himself wasn't making an appearance, as he would during the boom times of 2020-2021 when he would post videos of himself discussing why he liked GameStop.

But the real suspicion about who's behind the @TheRoaringKitty X account was sparked by a tweet on Monday claiming Gill sold his X account to @SCHL0MS, a conceptual artist and crypto enthusiast who is known for pulling off stunts like blowing up a Lamborghini and spreading a far-reaching rumor that Google was going to shut down Gmail earlier this year.

The user behind the @SCHL0MS X account posted a screenshot asking @TheRoaringKitty via X on April 24: "Would you be interested in selling this account? noticed you haven't posted in quite a while and would be willing to make a serious offer."

In the screenshot, Gill responded to the message, saying "If you're serious then yes I would potentially entertain an offer," followed by his e-mail address.

Polymarket, a website that lets users bet on the outcome of events with crypto, replied to @SCHL0MS' tweet saying that it "can confirm" the transaction occurred and that it helped facilitate the sale of Gill's X account.

But screenshots can easily be altered, and @SCHL0MS has a history of conceptual art designed to fake out the internet. Business Insider cannot confirm the validity of what was posted to X.

"The theory that he sold his account makes as much sense as any other at this point but I'm going to need much stronger proof before I believe it," one Reddit user said in response to the question.

Polymarket told Business Insider the @SCHL0MS account "has been an experiment conducted by Polymarket alongside the Remilia Corporation. I cannot comment further on the status of who currently owns @TheRoaringKitty." Remilia Corporation is a decentralized autonomous organization and art collective.

Gill did not reply to a request for comment sent by Business Insider via his other social media accounts.

Knowing @SCHL0MS history of artsy trolling, Reddit users have their guard up.

"Still, seems a little sus, so filing under 'Tinfoil Hat," one Reddit user said.

"Burden of proof his on him for this, he's the one sticking to his claim. Since he did blow up a lambo I don't doubt he has deep pockets to buy the account if an offer was entertained. I'm sure we'll the the truth of the matter of who's running the account soon enough," another Reddit user said.

A strategist this week noted that the huge rally in GameStop stock came on the heels of an unusual explosion of trading volume in GameStop options, with deep out-of-the-money call options seeing a burst of activity in the weeks leading up to RoaringKitty's Sunday meme post.

"It's probably all legal, but someone played this beautifully," Interactive Brokers strategist Steve Sosnick said.

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