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The UK might see an “AI candidate” this general election — here’s how that will work

The UK might see an “AI candidate” this general election — here’s how that will work
AI influencers are already taking over social media, often leaving users wondering if they're watching a real person or a digital simulation performing the latest dance trend on their screen. Taking the tech a massive (and a little puzzling) step forward, the world might soon see an AI candidate in a major election.
Meet AI Steve
AI Steve is an artificial intelligence candidate created by entrepreneur Steve Endacott to run for the Brighton Pavilion constituency in the UK’s general election. Endacott, frustrated with traditional political parties, designed AI Steve to connect directly with constituents and create a more responsive political platform.
AI Steve’s campaign leverages technology to enable direct democracy. Constituents can interact with the AI to propose and discuss policies, ensuring their voices are heard and their ideas considered. This approach aims to make politics more accessible and representative of the people’s will.
How does it work?
As per Endacott, there are two main ways to get involved with AI Steve. You either join a team that helps shape new policies by clicking the "Speak to AI Steve" option on the campaign website and interacting with the bot, or you can review and rate policy suggestions on a scale of one to ten. This helps filter out impractical ideas and ensures viable policies are considered.
AI Steve only adopts policies that receive more than 50% support from users. This majority rule ensures that the platform reflects the will of the people.
However, the final policy decision will require a human hand, and Endacott plans to play that part. If elected, Steve Endacott will attend Parliament physically and vote on policies based on the feedback from the AI platform. This will help directly reflect the opinions and preferences of his constituents, Steve hopes.
Main man Steve
Steve Endacott is an entrepreneur from southern England, who has previously run for political office as a Conservative candidate in Rochdale in 2022. Endacott’s business success has given him the resources to explore innovative political solutions like AI Steve.
Endacott was inspired to create AI Steve after growing disillusioned with traditional political parties. He believes that these parties are out of touch with the general population and sees AI Steve as a way to connect directly with constituents and make their voices heard.
.AI Steve’s campaign could set a precedent for future elections by demonstrating the potential of technology to enhance democratic engagement. If successful, it may inspire other candidates and political movements to adopt similar approaches, potentially reshaping the political landscape.


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