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How to download and install iPadOS 15 on your iPad

Dave Johnson   

How to download and install iPadOS 15 on your iPad
  • You can update your iPad to iPadOS 15 manually or set automatic updates in the Settings app.
  • If your iPad isn't updating properly, you can also update it from your Mac or PC.
  • Updating your iPad to iPadOS 15 can strengthen security and give you access to the latest features.

It's a good idea to keep your iPad up to date with the latest version of iPadOS, since it protects you from security vulnerabilities and also delivers the latest bug fixes and features.

You can set your iPad to install updates automatically, or perform the updates manually on your own schedule. You can even update your iPad from your PC or Mac computer. Here's how to do it all.

Quick tip: You can also update your iPhone in the same way. To download and install iOS 15 on your iPhone, read our iPhone update guide.

How to update your iPad automatically

The easiest way to keep your iPad updated is to enable automatic updates.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.

2. About halfway down the page, tap General.

3. At the top of the General page, select Software Update.

4. Tap Automatic Updates.

5. To let your iPad do everything automatically, be sure both the Download iPadOS Updates and Install iPadOS Updates buttons are turned on by swiping them to the right, turning them green. When both switches are turned on, your iPad will download update files to the device and then install them automatically overnight, when your iPad is charging and locked.

Note: If you prefer, you can turn off Install iPadOS Updates but leave Download iPadOS Updates turned on. If you do this, the update will download to the device and wait for you to install it manually.

How to update your iPad manually

You can also update your iPad manually in Settings.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.

2. Tap General, and then select Software Update.

3. If there's an update available, tap Download and Install.

4. If your iPad is low on storage space and there isn't enough room to install the update, your iPad will ask permission to temporarily uninstall apps (the apps will be automatically restored later). Tap Continue.

5. After the download is complete, tap Install.

How to update your iPad from your computer

Wirelessly updating your iPad is generally the most convenient way to keep it up to date, but if you're having issues, you can connect your iPad to a computer and install updates from there instead.

1. Plug your iPad into your PC or Mac computer.

2. If you're on a PC, open iTunes. If you're on a Mac, open Finder and click your iPad's name in the sidebar.

3. If you see a message on the computer asking if you want to allow the computer to access your iPad, click Continue. Likewise, tap Trust on your iPad.

4. In your iTunes Library on a PC, click the iPad icon on the left side of the toolbar, then select Summary. In Finder on a Mac, click General.

5. On both Mac and PC, click Check for Update.

6. If there's an update available, click Download and Update. Leave your iPad connected for as long as it takes to update.

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