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How to fix a PS5's 'Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network' error message

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How to fix a PS5's 'Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network' error message

  • If you're having trouble connecting your Standard or Digital Edition PS5 to the internet, you may encounter the error message: "Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network."
  • There are several ways to determine whether you can get rid of a PS5's Wi-Fi network error message or if it's a hardware issue that Sony needs to fix.
  • Common fixes include restarting or resetting your console, router, or modem, verifying if there are interruptions on the PSN, and using the PlayStation Fix & Connect portal.

If you've tried to connect to the internet while using your new PS5 console and received a "Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network" message, don't fret.

Users have reported seeing this message on both Standard or Digital Edition consoles. Luckily, it points to issues that likely aren't PS5 server-related, which means you can take several steps to address the error.

How to fix a PS5's "Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network" error

There are many reasons you might be seeing this message - and several ways you can troubleshoot the issue. Here are a few options.

Check if other devices have Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Taking this on as your first step may help you narrow and speed up your troubleshooting efforts, but it may also cause you to overlook other connectivity issues. If your phone, laptop, or other wirelessly connected device has access to your Wi-Fi network and operates without disruption, consider reaching out to PlayStation Support for assistance after you've done a little more troubleshooting.

Restart or reset your PS5

Considering it's a tried and true approach to addressing just about any tech hiccup, the first thing you should ask yourself is, "Have you tried turning it on and off again?" Some of the simplest troubleshooting is still the best. If you aren't going to do a hard reset to factory settings and are just opting to reboot the console through a power-down, make sure you've powered your console all the way down and aren't just putting it in Rest Mode.

Restart or reset your router and/or modem

This course of action might take a little longer than a simple PS5 restart, but once it's done, you'll see the fix instantaneously. Just make sure you're following your devices' specific steps for a soft or hard reset, so you don't have to attempt it more than once. And while you're at it, consider disconnecting your PS5 from your Wi-Fi and reconnecting it with your username and password to rule out any password-related connectivity issues.

Move your PS5 closer to the router

Your console and your router might be too far apart, meaning your router's signal strength might be too weak to reach your PS5. Consider moving the console closer to the router or getting a Wi-Fi extender, which will strengthen the connection.

Connect an Ethernet cable to your PS5

While Wi-Fi is convenient, a wired connection is always better. Get a cord with some length, and set up your console to receive a direct link to your internet through the cable. While cords might be more of a hassle, the physical connection from your router to your console is just as effective and even faster than Wi-Fi.

Check if the PlayStation Network is operational

All your ducks can be in a row, and this could ultimately end up being Sony's problem. To find out, check the status of PSN servers here. If you see that the servers are down, you'll have to wait until they're up and running again to return to gameplay.

Contact your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes you can't fix your connectivity issues at home. But if you call your internet provider, they can troubleshoot with you and even perform a few tests on their end to reset the modem or see if there are any outages in the area. If all else fails, they can send out a professional to assist you in person.

Utilize the PlayStation Fix & Connect portal

On top of checking if the PlayStation Network is functioning, Sony has its version of troubleshooting for PS4 and PS5 consoles through the Fix & Connect portal. This step-by-step service helps identify the source of your issue. While the connection error message likely points to problems on your end, the source of the error may end up just being the PS5 console's hardware - and that's something Sony will have to fix. For internet connectivity issues, select "My PS4 or PS5 Can't Connect to the Internet" from the options list.

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