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10 Things in Tech: Google abandons smart glasses, lawsuits against real estate agents, and Snowflake CEO denies rumors of stepping down

Diamond Naga Siu   

10 Things in Tech: Google abandons smart glasses, lawsuits against real estate agents, and Snowflake CEO denies rumors of stepping down

It's Tech Tuesday, friends. I'm Diamond Naga Siu, and I'm back from mentoring high school students in Sacramento. Big thanks to Alistair Barr, Hallam Bullock, and Nathan Rennolds for writing the newsletter while I was out.

Before we start, I have some bittersweet news. This is the last week of 10 Things in Tech. Moving forward, we'll be bringing you our top tech stories in our flagship newsletter, Insider Today.

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Before I shed some tears, let's dive into today's tech.

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1. Tech bros are evolving: they're buffing up and challenging each other to cage fights. The Bill Gates/Steve Jobs/Larry Page generation of tech bros is on its way out. They were dorky, sometimes arrogant, but careful with their words.

  • Now, the new generation is glowing up the nerdy persona. Jeff "Buff" Bezos and Mark "Jiu-jitsu" Zuckerberg are perfect examples of this. And their bulking journeys are just the start.
  • The new tech bro is also becoming louder and brasher — they're trying to make being a techie cool. Elon Musk has a massive, loyal following that few others have. Plus, he's comfortable with public attention, unlike his predecessors.
  • My colleague Grace Kay breaks down the "peak tech bro" persona and dives into its transformation over time.

Meet the tech bro 2.0 here.

In other news:

2. Google gave up on smart glasses. Multiple people familiar with the Iris augmented reality project told Insider that Google killed it amid layoffs and reshuffling. Now, Google is focusing on AR headsets instead (similar to Samsung's). Look into the discontinued project here.

3. Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman denies rumors of stepping down. He received a major chunk of stock in April. Plus, the CEO of a major cybersecurity company joined Snowflake's board of directors that same month, prompting the rumors. More on his non-departure here.

4. Loud quitting > quiet quitting. The opposite of quiet quitting — also called "loud quitting" — is gaining popularity. This means employees do things that "directly harm the organization, undercutting its goals and opposing its leaders." Check out this growing trend here.

5. Managing fortunes for the world's wealthiest families. Family offices are secretive wealth management firms that help the ultra-wealthy (think the Waltons and Bezoses) manage their money. Peek behind the scenes of family office jobs here.

6. Dozens of YouTubers share how much they make per month. This depends on a variety of factors: views, audience location, and more. Their monthly incomes ranged from $82 to $83,000. Get their full income breakdowns here.

7. Lawsuits against real estate agents could transform how we buy and sell homes. Homesellers are challenging the exorbitant fees associated with selling their homes. If they win, consumers could save up to $30 billion a year. Welcome in for the full story here.

8. A side-by-side comparison of every Tesla. It currently has four main models: Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. Insider compiled each of their prices, defining features, and test drive insights to help buyers choose their favorite ride. Hop in for the breakdown here.

Odds and ends:

9. The Wagner Group shot down six Russian helicopters and one plane. Experts say the rebellion weakened Putin's air force at a critical time. More on the revolt here. Bonus: Check out the wreckage images here.

10. A $290,000 lifetime pass with United Airlines. Tom Stuker has flown 23 million miles since buying it in 1990 and calls it the "best investment" of his life. He's motivated by accumulating airline miles, which even funded a house renovation. Fly over for his story here.

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