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AI is saving sales professionals more than two hours of work each day

Aaron Mok   

AI is saving sales professionals more than two hours of work each day
  • Artificial intelligence is saving US sales professionals hours of work each day, a survey found.
  • Sales pros are using AI to automate manual tasks like scheduling meetings and note taking.

Artificial intelligence appears to be saving sales professionals hours of time on seemingly menial tasks, a recent study found.

Earlier in 2023, HubSpot surveyed 648 sales professionals and 303 business leaders in the US to understand their attitudes around AI.

The software company found that sales workers are saving two hours and 15 minutes each day by using AI to automate manual tasks like scheduling meetings, note-taking, and data entry.

Sales professionals also reported "huge time savings" in areas like employee onboarding and coaching. Managers said they're able to identify areas for growth on their sales teams faster.

In turn, sales teams say they're able to use the extra time saved from AI to focus more on the human aspect of their job. For example, "connecting with customers and closing deals," Kelly Brooks, a sales executive at HubSpot, wrote in the study. HubSpot didn't immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment before publication.

Generative AI is also playing a role for workers. 31% of sales professionals HubSpot surveyed were reportedly using tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT, text-to-image generator DALL-E, and Jasper, an AI assistant, to help write sales content or outreach messages to potential customers.

But that doesn't mean ChatGPT is doing their jobs, the study suggests. It's simply making them easier. Nine out of ten sales pros who use generative AI say they use AI chatbots as a starting point and make edits to the AI-generated text.

"AI isn't replacing salespeople — it's just taking care of the most repetitive aspects of their work," the study says.

HubSpot's findings come as workers across industries begin to use generative AI on the job to boost productivity. Since ChatGPT came out in November 2022, workers have turned to the AI chatbot — some on the sly — to write code, generate real estate listings, create lesson plans, and produce marketing materials.

But while companies big and small have warmed up to the idea of embracing AI, many are treading lightly in uncharted territory as they mull over the technology's implications for data privacy and accuracy. Apple, Amazon, and JPMorgan Chase have issued bans or restrictions around AI usage in the workplace earlier this year; the concerns may be why it's still only a tiny part of most businesses.

"We are still at the stage where most CEOs, asked if there is someone in their organization who can tell them where AI is being used, what the risks are and how they're being mitigated," would answer no, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet told the Financial Times earlier this month.

Nevertheless, sales professionals don't see the AI hype dwindling anytime soon, at least according to Blue Bowen, a research principle of sales tech at enterprise software firm G2.

"While generative AI is fairly new, compared to predictive AI and other forms, it's gaining momentum quickly and likely will not plateau," he said in the study.

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