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Apple just showed off new iPad accessories see what's new

Aaron Mok   

Apple just showed off new iPad accessories — see what's new
  • Apple launched accessories for its latest iPads on Tuesday at its "Let Loose" event.
  • The accessories include the $129 Pencil Pro and a new Magic Keyboard starting at $299.

Apple announced fresh accessories for its newest iPad models during its "Let Loose" event on Tuesday.

There's a more advanced stylus called the Apple Pencil Pro, which Apple described as a "game changer for users to express ideas and creativity."

Starting at $129, the Pencil Pro includes a new sensor on the barrel that users can squeeze to bring up a new tool palette with line weights and colors to make art.

Artists using the Pencil Pro in the graphic-design software Procreate can press the barrel to activate shortcuts to brushes, change the image size, and introduce color.

Apple says the Pencil Pro "pairs, charges, and stores" using a magnet on the side of the iPad Pro. Users can locate the Pencil Pro using the "Find My" feature.

Apple's new Pencil Pro pairs with another new attachable iPad Pro accessory: the Magic Keyboard. It's the first iteration of the keyboard since 2020, and Apple says it's been redesigned to be "much thinner and even lighter" than its predecessor.

The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro comes in black and white. It also comes in two sizes: one for the 11-inch Pro, for $299, and another for the 13-inch Pro model, for $349.

The keyboard's new features include a function row for access to controls like screen brightness; aluminum palm rests; and a larger trackpad.

"The entire experience feels just like using a MacBook," Apple said, adding that the new keyboard makes the new iPad Pro "more portable and versatile" than ever.

Apple says the Pencil Pro and the Magic Keyboard are available for preorder on Tuesday and will ship starting next week.