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Apple's big summer event is days away. Here's what the iPhone company is expected to announce.

Jordan Hart   

Apple's big summer event is days away. Here's what the iPhone company is expected to announce.
  • Apple is gearing up to deliver big announcements at WWDC on June 10.
  • Apple is expected to reveal more about its AI strategy.

Apple's highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off next week, and the tech community is buzzing with expectations and predictions of big announcements.

Analysts and tech experts aren't expecting new hardware, but they've said WWDC will still include major upgrades to operating systems across its ecosystem.

Apple is expected to showcase iOS 18, which Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said is "considered internally to be the biggest upgrade in the device's history." The new operating system is expected to become available in September.

And after recent events by Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI showcasing their AI assistants, all eyes will be on Apple's keynote on June 10 at 1 p.m. ET to deliver equally innovative updates.

OpenAI and Apple have reportedly been discussing a partnership that would bring ChatGPT to iOS, and the details are expected to come out at WWDC. And Siri is expected to get a major AI overhaul.

Some of the other updates include new Vision Pro software, voice memo transcriptions, and more advanced photo editing, Bloomberg reported.

In iOS 18, Apple may add AI assistance for a number of its own apps including Pages and Keynote, and auto-generated playlists will be available on Apple Music, Bloomberg said. But the new operating system likely won't be available until September when the next iPhone comes out.

It's important to note that many of the AI features Apple announces on Monday will require an iPhone 15 Pro or later, per Bloomberg.

Here's what we know about some of the other major announcements expected at WWDC on Monday.

Home Screen

Although small updates to the iPhone home screen have occurred over time, it's reported that iOS 18 will make it much more customizable.

The redesign could make the traditional grid pattern that Apple devices are known for optional. Users would be able to change the color of app icons and arrange them freely .


Siri is getting an overhaul with Apple's own large language models to power generative AI features, according to Bloomberg.

For years, Siri has been able to do small tasks like calling a contact or setting a reminder at a user's request.

The new, AI-powered Siri is expected to be integrated into Apple apps and perform more specific tasks. For example, you could tell it to edit a photo, organize your Notes app, or delete an email.

Although details about Siri's revamp are expected to be announced next week, its full AI capabilities will likely be available in 2025, Bloomberg reported.

AI-powered emojis

Generative AI has immense capabilities, and one of the ways Apple might use them is making emojis more fun.

The tech giant is reportedly working on genAI, which would allow iOS 18 users to use AI to create emojis for specific situations.

It's not as groundbreaking as an AI virtual assistant, but it sounds better than searching for the right emoji to convey your emotions.

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