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Everyone is making the same jokes about those photos of people wearing the Vision Pro outside

Jordan Hart   

Everyone is making the same jokes about those photos of people wearing the Vision Pro outside
  • Apple officially launched its Vision Pro headset on Friday.
  • Videos of the headset in public have gotten dystopian sci-fi comparisons.

Apple's Vision Pro is here, and everyone is cracking the same jokes about people wearing it while out in public.

Following its official release on Friday, the Vision Pro has been spotted on the heads of people at the gym, on the subway, and in the streets.

People online quickly pointed out that the images are reminiscent of some dystopian science-fiction movies and TV shows.

On the TV front, observers likened it to an episode of "Black Mirror" or "The Simpsons."

"The Simpsons predicted Apple Vision Pro headsets 8 Years Ago," said one post on X depicting characters walking around with headsets.

Others drew connections to the sci-fi movie "Ready Player One" in the comments of some popular TikTok videos. The movie, which featured a world where peopel don a headset that looks not unlike the Vision Pro, is set in 2045, so Apple fans might be on track to normalize wearing mixed reality headsets in public over the next 20 years.

"The beginning of ready player one," one comment read.

Despite explicit warnings in its user guide to avoid using the Vision Pro "while operating a moving vehicle," videos of drivers wearing the headset behind the wheel have surfaced online.

The $3,500 headset is anything but subtle, and reviewers have pointed out how heavy it can feel after extended wearing.

It's also evident that the Vision Pro can't really be used much while walking. Viral videos that show people gesturing while wearing the headset and crossing the street may be dramatized for views, as someone wearing the headset would have to come to a stop if they want to fully operate their apps, The Verge reported.

As one person who wore his Vision Pro outside put it when asked about the benefit of having it on while walking: "Absolutely none."

But, that hasn't stopped users from donning the Vision Pro at the gym or on public transportation. Computer engineer Alvaro Cintas made an X thread of some of the more outrageous instances of Vision Pro being used in public.

Youtuber and gadgets reviewer Casey Neistat posted a clip of himself wearing his Vision Pro while riding an electric skateboard, one of his go-to means of transportation around the city.

Neistat took it around the streets of New York City to test out the Vision Pro, and called it "the single greatest piece of tech I've ever used."

Although the initial hype around the headset has led to some interesting clips and reactions, the big question is whether the trend will turn into something lasting. Or, in other words, will those wearing it outside prove to be ahead of the curve, or are they destined to be the next iteration of the short-lived Google-Glass-wearing "Glassholes?"