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Insider Today: Google's big shakeup

Matt Turner   

Insider Today: Google's big shakeup
  • This post originally appeared in the Insider Today newsletter.

Welcome back to our Sunday edition, a roundup of some of our top stories. If you're interviewing for a job in the coming weeks, check out these five questions to ask at the end. They could help you seal the deal.

On the agenda:

But first: Markets are throwing off déjà vu vibes.

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This week's dispatch

Investors go back to the future

Stocks hit record highs. Roaring Kitty is moving markets. Crypto adverts are on TV. It's like the past two years never happened.

The Dow closed above 40,000 for the first time on Friday, driven by signs of slowing inflation.

Keith Gill, the retail trading personality known as Roaring Kitty, tweeted for the first time in three years. The tweet didn't say much, but it was enough to send GameStop's shares spiking.

And with bitcoin hovering near record highs and the crypto winter seemingly behind us, crypto companies are on the front foot once more.

The market euphoria stands in stark contrast to what's going on away from Wall Street.

War rages on in Ukraine and the Middle East. Consumers still feel downbeat about the economy. We're headed for what's likely to be a deeply contentious US election.

For now, investors are shrugging off those concerns.

WiFi Money's risky allure

WiFi Money promises its followers "the ability to make money anywhere in the world, by doing one simple action…. connecting to WiFi." It sold Americans the idea that with a bit of hustle, they could soon live the easy life.

But since its founding in 2020, the company has left a trail of lawsuits alleging fraud, bankruptcies, mental breakdowns, and financial devastation.

Meet the ultimate Instagram hustlers.

The hottest jobs right now are blue

Want a six-figure salary? You don't need to go to Wall Street or Silicon Valley to land one. Instead, blue-collar jobs are booming right now.

Jobs that don't require sitting in front of a computer are in high demand. Demand is high, opportunities abound, and companies like Walmart and UPS offer six-figure salaries and lucrative benefits.

It's getting hot under the blue collar.

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One man's mission to legalize MDMA

For decades, Rick Doblin and MAPS, the nonprofit he founded, have been pushing to legalize medical MDMA. Now, the FDA could issue its approval as soon as this summer.

However, insiders have begun voicing concerns about possible ethical lapses in clinical trials and questioning whether MAPS can effectively lead the movement into the future.

Why some advocates are sounding the alarm.

Google's leadership shakeup

In April, Google CEO Sundar Pichai executed one of the most dramatic executive shakeups in the company's 25-year history.

Pichai combined two of the company's major units — platforms and devices — into a supergroup focusing on Android, Chrome, and gadgets, like the Pixel phone.

How Pichai redesigned his leadership team.

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This week's quote:

"They're just three years late giving the right person the job honestly."

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