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Jack Dorsey gave his parents a security detail after Twitter banned Trump

Grace Kay   

Jack Dorsey gave his parents a security detail after Twitter banned Trump
  • Jack Dorsey feared for his parents' safety after Twitter banned Donald Trump, a new book says.
  • His parents reportedly received threats that led Twitter to increase security at their home.

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey was concerned about his parents' safety after his company banned former President Donald Trump from the platform, according to a recent book on the social media company.

In "Battle for the Bird," a book on Twitter's founding and evolution, Kurt Wagner wrote that Dorsey's parents, Tim and Marcia, along with their son, began receiving "threats," prompting the social media company to put security outside their house in St. Louis.

The family faced security concerns after Twitter decided to permanently ban Trump from the site following the insurrection at the Capital in 2021. At the time, other sites like Facebook and YouTube imposed temporary bans on Trump. Elon Musk later reinstated Trump's account on Twitter after he took over the company.

"For better or worse, Twitter's CEO was used to getting criticism and death threats, but it was rare that his role running the company so directly put his family at risk, too," Wagner wrote of Dorsey, who resigned as CEO later that year. "He spent the first week after the ban reflecting on the decision and what it meant for Twitter long-term."

A spokesperson for Twitter, now called X, didn't respond to a request for comment ahead of publication.

While Dorsey's parents were far removed from any decisions at Twitter, the book said Tim and Marcia made appearances at company retreats in 2018 and 2020 and even served to help "humanize" their son in front of employees.

They "told childhood stories about their quiet, artsy son and became instant celebrities in their own right, posing for selfies and exchanging tweets with employees well after the conference was over," according to the book, which references Tim and Marcia's appearance at Twitter's 2018 #OneTeam conference.

Dorsey and his family were not the only ones to face security concerns over their involvement with the social media company. Twitter's former head of trust and safety under Musk, Yoel Roth, also faced threats during his time at the company. Roth has said he was forced to flee his home in 2022 after he left Twitter and Musk falsely insinuated he had a permissive view of pedophilia.

Even Musk has indicated he's worried about his safety since taking over the company.

"If I die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowin ya," the billionaire posted on social media last May. At the time, Musk was also facing pressure regarding SpaceX's involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Last year, an employee at Musk's social media company told BBC that Musk is accompanied by at least two security guards at all times at the company's headquarters in San Francisco.

While it's unclear how much Twitter pays for Musk's security, some tech companies have dropped millions of dollars on private security and private planes for their executives. Meta spent $22 million on private security for Mark Zuckerberg and his family in 2022. Business Insider's Rob Price reported in 2019 that Zuckerberg had 24/7 bodyguard protection, as well as access to an office with bullet-resistant glass and a panic button.