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Karcher AF 30 review – a reliable air purifier for your home

Karcher AF 30 review – a reliable air purifier for your home
  • Karcher recently launched the Karcher AF 30 Air Purifier in India.
  • The Karcher AF 30 comes in a single variant and is priced at ₹23,880.
  • Here’s my review of the Karcer AF 30 that will help you decide whether to buy the device or not.
Air pollution has become a huge concern in India, with the country emerging as one of the most polluted countries in the world. A report by IQAir, a Swiss air quality monitoring body ranked India as the third most polluted country in 2023.

With concerns about pollution and health on the rise, many are turning to air purifiers to improve the air quality in their homes. German smart home products company Karcher has launched the AF 30 Air Purifier in the country to help reduce air pollution in homes.

I have been testing the Karcher AF 30 Air Purifier for a few weeks now and here is my detailed review of the device, to help you decide if you should buy this air purifier for your home.

Karcher AF 30 price in India

The Karcher AF 30 is currently priced at ₹23,880 and is available from Amazon India and the Karcher India website.


  • Reliable performance
  • Noiseless purification

  • Lacks app support
  • Design

The Karcher AF 30 Air Purifier is built keeping performance in mind and you don’t get a really fancy design. The air purifier comes with a boxy design with inlets on two sides and the clean air is thrown out from the top.

At the front, you get a small display that shows you key metrics such as the pollution levels, temperature, humidity, fan speed, filter life and more. Below that, you get the Karcher branding.

At the back, you get a sticker that reveals some key information about the device, including its wattage.

At the top, you get a cutout for fresh air. You also get buttons to control the device, including the power button, fan speed button, night mode button, lock button and more. The buttons are responsive and work properly when you tap them. The minimalist control panel on the top allows for easy operation, as you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button.

Features and performance

The Karcher AF 30 Air Purifier is suitable for medium-sized rooms up to 60 square metres. Do note that it does not offer any connectivity feature, meaning you cannot track its performance from your phone or control it with smart home devices.

It comes with the H13 filtration system which is capable of capturing up to 99.95% of particles as small as 0.3 µm. The device includes an activated carbon filter, which helps to remove unpleasant odours and other compounds from the air. It is also equipped with a pre-filter that captures larger particles and extends the life of the H13 filter.

It features a dual air inlet system that allows it to take in air from two sides, which ensures higher air purification in a shorter amount of time. You can choose from multiple fan speed settings to customise the purification process as it offers five different fan speeds.

The Karcher AF 30 Air Purifier is highly effective in removing allergens, fine dust, and other harmful particles from the air. It comes with an intelligent air quality sensor, which continuously monitors the ambient air and adjusts the purification level accordingly. It uses a laser sensor that allows it to efficiently manage the fan speed while being used in auto mode.

It comes with a night mode that reduces the noise level and dims the display, ensuring that your sleep is not affected. If you have kids, you can enable the child safety lock feature that prevents accidental changes to the settings.

Like most devices out there, it comes with a timer function that allows you to set the air purifier to run for a specific amount of time.

The company has claimed that the filter has a service life of around a year. However, this could increase or decrease based on your usage and pollution levels in your home.


The Karcher AF 30 is a good option if you are looking for a reliable air purifier for your home at an affordable price. While it is able to clean the air efficiently and quickly, it misses out on a few things such as design and connectivity options.

If you do not mind not being able to control the device with your phone, the Karcher AF 30 is worth considering.


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