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Mark Zuckerberg hits out at Apple's 'onerous' new App Store rules

Beatrice Nolan   

Mark Zuckerberg hits out at Apple's 'onerous' new App Store rules
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the latest to slam Apple's new app store rules.
  • Zuckerberg called the changes "so onerous" that he doubts any developer would choose to use them.

Meta has joined the ranks of companies criticizing Apple's new App Store rules.

The iPhone maker recently changed how app distribution works on its devices to comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act.

The changes mean that, for the first time, Apple will allow developers to create and distribute apps on third-party marketplaces after it releases iOS 17.4.

The changes sound like a win, but developers and some senior execs have been vocal in their criticism.

On a call with analysts this week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the changes were "so onerous" that he'd be "very surprised if any developer" chooses to opt in.

"I don't think that the Apple thing is going to have any difference for us because I think that the way that they've implemented it, I would be very surprised if any developer chose to go into the alternative app stores that they have," Zuckerberg said during the call.

The Meta CEO also said the changes were "at odds" with the intent behind the Digital Markets Act.

"It's just going to be very difficult for anyone, including ourselves, to really seriously entertain what they're doing there," he said.

Apple said in a statement it was "creating safeguards to protect EU users to the greatest extent possible and to respond to new threats, including new vectors for malware and viruses, opportunities for scams and fraud, and challenges to ensuring apps are functional on Apple's platforms. Still, these protections don't eliminate new threats the Digital Markets Act creates."

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has also criticized the changes, calling Apple's move a "new low, even for them." The streaming giant also released a statement accusing Apple of acting like "they don't think the rules apply to them."

In a post on X, Xbox president Sarah Bond called Apple's policy a "step in the wrong direction. We hope they listen to feedback on their proposed plan."

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