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Meta's median pay for employees is $379,000 a year

Camilo Fonseca   

Meta's median pay for employees is $379,000 a year
  • The median employee at Meta earned over $379,000 in 2023, according to a recent filing.
  • This figure is significantly higher than many tech jobs, though on par with rivals like Google and Amazon.

If you're a tech worker at Meta, you probably make out pretty well for yourself.

That's according to a recent SEC filing, where the company stated that its median employee made just over $379,000 in 2023.

Meta employs around 67,000 people, according to the filing, so there's bound to be considerable variation.

An Insider analysis previously found that higher-level software engineers and researchers at the company tend to make more in base pay than product designers and user experience professionals.

Nevertheless, Meta's median figure is substantially higher than the average tech position, which tends to fall between $35,000 to $120,000 depending on the role, according to data listed by one recruitment firm.

But within the world of Big Tech, Meta's median salary isn't as eye-popping as it might seem. Industry giants like Google and Amazon also have positions that regularly offer well above $300,000 in compensation.

The same filing noted that CEO Mark Zuckerberg's total compensation in 2023 was $24.4 million.

Most came from security and logistical costs since the Facebook cofounder took home a salary of just $1 last year. (Of course, most of Zuckerberg's $157 billion net worth is tied up in his stock options.)

Even with such attractive compensation, it doesn't mean that working at Meta is becoming any easier.

Earlier this year, Zuckerberg told employees that, going forward, the company will make its so-called "Year of Efficiency" — the drive to maximize productivity by stepping up performance reviews and layoffs — the permanent state of affairs.

The company has cut 22% of its staff since 2022 with no end in sight. Meta reported strong earnings in its latest quarterly call, but also doubled down on Zuckerberg's plan to spend billions more on AI, spooking investors.

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