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Peter Thiel's grudge match with Silicon Valley reflects the tech industry's civil war

Alexei Oreskovic   

Peter Thiel's grudge match with Silicon Valley reflects the tech industry's civil war

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This week: Peter Thiel's grudge match with Silicon Valley and the tech industry's civil war

It often feels like we're living in a multi-screen world these days with big political scandals, pandemics, and natural disasters all happening at the same time and competing for our limited attention.

Now, this surfeit of simultaneous major news is trickling into the tech industry. The past week has provided a dizzying dose of developments in the world of tech — and as you can see, things are getting more contentious.

Stay tuned for: Elon Musk's cyborg Friday!

Elon Musk's Neuralink, which is developing chips that go into people's brains, is scheduled to give the first live demo of a working device on Friday. At least, that's what Musk tweeted. Your guess is as good as anyone's about what he has in store for us. Will this live demo involve a chip implanted in a chimp? A human, or, perhaps more accurately, a cyborg?

The only thing certain is that we'll be covering it at Business Insider, so tell Siri to remind you to visit our site on Friday morning.

Snapshot: Apple's floating store

If you find yourself in Singapore in the future, you'll want to check out Apple's wild-looking new retail store. It's round, it's big, and it floats. Apple hasn't given an opening date yet, other than "coming soon," but based on recent pictures, it looks like it should be opening soon — coronavirus permitting, of course.

Sound bite of the week:

"We're not in a good M&A environment, I just don't see it. Things always are changing but I think this isn't part of our plan right now, we don't see that."

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on the company's quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, when asked about a potential TikTok acquisition and what it might mean for broader M&A activity.

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— Alexei


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