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Sony INZONE Buds review – Premium wireless gaming headphones with good battery life

Sony INZONE Buds review – Premium wireless gaming headphones with good battery life
  • The Sony INZONE Buds is the latest wireless gaming earbuds from Sony in India.
  • The INZONE Buds has been priced at ₹17,990 and is available in two colour options.
  • Here’s my review of the Sony INZONE H5 that will help you decide if it suits your needs.
Sony is an old player in the audio segment and is well known for its headphones and wireless earbuds. The company recently launched the INZONE Buds, the company’s gaming-focused wireless earbuds in India.

Sony’s gaming accessories have mostly been focused on its PlayStation but that has been changing with the company’s INZONE lineup, which is compatible with other devices as well. As such, the INZONE Buds are compatible with the PS5, Mobile and PC.

I’ve been testing the INZONE Buds with my PC for a few weeks now and here is my detailed review of the latest gaming earbuds from the company.

Sony INZONE Buds price and availability

The Sony INZONE Buds has been priced at ₹17,990 and is available in Black and White colour options. It is available from Sony retail stores, e-commerce portals and authorised retailers across the country.

In the box

  • Sony INZONE Buds
  • USB-C wireless dongle
  • USB Cable
  • Four sets of ear tips
  • Documentation
Pros and cons


  • Battery life and charging
  • Lightweight and comfortable design

  • Price
Design and comfort

The Sony INZONE Buds come with a minimalistic design, something that may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when we say gaming earbuds.

Starting with the charging case, the Sony INZONE Buds comes with a white colour case, with the Sony branding on the top. It features an LED indicator on the front that lights up when it is being charged.

At the back, you have the USB Type-C port and the pairing button.

When you open the charging case, you can see the two earbuds resting and the USB-C wireless dongle that is needed to connect with your device.

The charging case is bigger than what most truly wireless earbuds offer but then again this isn’t something that you will carry in your pocket.

Coming to the earbuds, the earbuds I tested feature a dual-tone white and black colour combination. The earbuds come with a short stem and look good.

The earbuds come with a touch-sensitive surface that allow you to control them.

One of the things that you need to think about before buying a TWS is the comfort that they offer. The INZONE Buds are comfortable to use, even for extended durations. I used the device for hours on the go, without any issues, be it sweat or pain in the ear.

Features and performance

The Sony INZONE Buds come with a USB Type-C dongle to connect with your device. If you do not wish to connect with a dongle, you can also use the USB Type-C cable provided with the earbuds to connect to your computer.

The INZONE Buds also offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily connect it with smartphones or Bluetooth-enabled devices without the need of a dongle or a cable.

If you are using the INZONE Buds on your computer, you can download the INZONE Hub application to manage spatial audio, presets, EQ settings, make dynamic range adjustments and more.

One of the biggest issues with TWS is latency, as delayed audio could be the difference between a win and a loss. The INZONE Buds offer low-latency, making them an excellent option for gaming.

The INZONE Buds offer excellent sound quality, be it for gaming or watching movies and shows. The earbuds offer loud and crisp sounds, while not interfering too much with the original sound quality.

The INZONE Buds offer spatial audio and also allow you to download an app to scan your ear and personalise the spatial audio to your ear. While I found the spatial audio to be good, the personalisation did not have any significant impact.

If you are someone who plays multiplayer games a lot and likes staying connected with friends while gaming, the earbuds offer good noise cancellation. The microphone is decent but nothing too spectacular. As per friends I spoke with while using the earbuds, my sound was slightly different.

The Sony INZONE Buds are claimed to offer a 12 hours of battery life with a single charge and 24 hours with the case. I found the battery life to be excellent, going over 10 hours.


The Sony INZONE Buds is a good option if you are looking for a pair of good gaming earbuds. If you are someone who does not want a large headphone and would prefer a TWS for gaming, the INZONE Buds are worth considering, thanks to its excellent audio quality, long battery life and Sony’s reliability. Do note that the price of the INZONE Buds is slightly on the higher side.


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