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Sony PlayStation®VR2 Review — VR games have never looked better

Sony PlayStation®VR2 Review — VR games have never looked better
  • PSVR 2 is a virtual reality headset compatible with Sony PS5
  • The PSVR 2 comes with it’s exclusive sense controllers
  • The headset is priced at ₹61,999
In a world where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are thrown around casually, it feels like the gaming world was a bit slow to internalise this technology. Yes, VR headsets have been around for a while, but for a console? Not really.

In this evolving landscape, Sony seems to be the only top contender to work on this project and perhaps ace it. And why not? Sony has been a pioneer with their PlayStation. The console sales are going off the roof and original IPs like God Of War and Spider-man 2 flying off the shelves.

While the original PSVR was plagued with problems like limited IPs and perhaps an outdated design, the PSVR 2 is a major improvement. I have been testing the PSVR 2 for 3 weeks, and here is my review. This is indeed for the gamers by a gamer!

Price & Availability
Sony PSVR 2 is available for a price of ₹61,999. You can also find it with added discounts across the internet. You can buy it from all prominent e-commerce websites.

Sony PSVR 2’s design is a major improvement over the original PSVR. The headset is now bigger and has more adaptable parts to adjust to all head types.

The design is simple and ingenious. The band is stretchable and wraps around the head without any struggle. You can of course tighten it up with the help of a dial at the back. With a simple press, it also releases the pressure. We don’t get multiple band options here, but yes the material is fairly comfortable and you can work around it eventually.

The headset in itself is fairly bulky but with clever weight distribution, it doesn’t bother much. However, if you wear glasses like me, it can start to get a little uncomfortable, but only after a long while. As far as the sinuses are concerned, the design makes it convenient to sit around your nose all day.

Audio Visuals
The headset's internal lenses can be easily adjusted using an external dial, allowing users to bring them closer together or move them apart. This adjustment is crucial as misaligned lenses can result in a blurry and challenging viewing experience, often leading to headaches or motion sickness for users.

On the back, you will find a pair of earbuds that connect to the rear of the device. While users have the option to use their preferred wired headphones, these included earbuds are specifically designed to attach to the headset and can be neatly stored in small divots on the side when not in use.

While the audio quality is satisfactory, not exceptional. Nevertheless, the immersive gaming experience is enhanced when the sound is localized within the headset rather than emanating from a distant TV.

A noteworthy feature of the PSVR 2 is its automatic streaming capability, displaying the virtual reality user's perspective directly onto the TV. This eliminates the need for complex or cumbersome systems that other platforms may require, providing a more engaging and less tedious experience for spectators who would otherwise watch someone move about in their living room.

I would, however, like to nitpick here and say that the length of the wire while being fairly long can still be limiting. While I was cautious about it, my other colleagues almost went out of the play area. That’s the beauty of VR games but also a risk. I hope we see in the future a wireless medium for VR headsets. Until then, I suggest you keep one of your legs in reality while playing in a virtual one.

Connection and UI
Setting up the PSVR 2 is fairly simple, and if you have been in the PlayStation universe for a while you would understand the references as well. It's mostly a plug-and-play mechanism. Once you cable up the VR headset you have to set the orientation according to your eye moment. This is done with the help of cameras on board that are very accurate and quick.

The sense controllers are connected wirelessly, by pressing the PS buttons. The setup of the headset is done with the help of these controllers. Mostly when you try to set up the play area. Note that it's better to have it set up in an open room with minimal furniture.

Overall the set-up process isn’t going to take more than 10 minutes. Moreover, you can set it up for player profiles. However, saving it for different room set-ups is a bit tricky. Since I found myself scanning the rooms all over again. I hope there is a software patch in the future and we can save multiple rooms like this.

Gaming Experience
There are a handful of original titles on the PSVR 2, and the one that I got to experience was Gran Tourismo 7. The racing game which is famous for its realistic gaming experience and simulation feeling was perhaps a great example of what the headset can do. I have divided my experience into two sections - hits and misses.

Gran Tourismo 7’s VR experience has been needled out really well. The gaming experience starts with the garage tour that lets you check out every car in the game. Plus you can also explore different garages across the country.

This experience zone lets you go near the car, and look at it from different angles. The game also identifies your position whether you are standing or sitting on a chair. However, you can’t open the car door and experience the interior. Maybe it’s asking too much, but I hope we can get this developed in the future.

Now coming to driving the car, this is where things get interesting. Since can have a driver POV here. The PSVR 2 lets you look around the vehicle in a 360-degree perspective which keeps you engaged. Be it the eye tracking system or the responsiveness of the dual sense controller everything works in sync.

And since everything is rendering in 4K resolution it does feel life-like. I also enjoyed playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare with this as well. Facing heavy artillery from all sides, and running around on the battlefield it is all immersive.

And this is where the other hit for me with the PSVR 2 comes into play. You can always use the headset as an independent screen. Big-screen smart TVs with 4K resolution come with a hefty price tag which can easily go double the price of the VR 2. However, you can just use the VR to play 2D games and also watch content since it is technically working on a display out mechanism.

So, if you are single then perhaps PSVR 2 can be a good investment for you since you can’t mirror it anywhere else and only you get to enjoy the experience.

While the PSVR 2 manages to create excitement with its technology and design there are certain limitations that you will face here.

Starting with limited video games. Now this is an issue plaguing the entire VR/AR culture in general. But having more games on the platform is more crucial for PSVR 2 considering it shares the PlayStation DNA. Horizon Zero Dawn is another important title here but perhaps IPs like God of War and Spider-Man must be on VR 2. I particularly would love to have Spider-Man here, imagine swinging around New York City! Isn’t that every Marvel enthusiast's dream?

I don’t think this is a technology limitation anymore, it’s more of an intention. I hope Sony works on it eventually.

The second limitation is the sense controllers which don’t particularly work until a game supports them. For that matter, you can’t even use them to scroll through the main menu. This is surprising because I would want to leave my dual sense controller the moment I switch to the PSVR 2. Switching between the controllers can be tricky and create a mess.

Finally, I found the audio set-up on the headset lacked luster. The earphones on the headset while designed with great detail lack the thump you would expect from a VR experience. I found myself relying on my gaming headset more often than not.

PSVR 2 is a stepping stone to the future of VR and gives you a glimpse of the potential this technology holds. The device is not just for gaming but perhaps adds a solid entertainment value as well. If you are a PS5 user and have the budget to explore more of what the Sony team is doing then this is a worthwhile investment.

However, I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way and purchasing this, creating a dent in your pocket. Perhaps it could be just a matter time for a better version from the same company.


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