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Synology introduces new products aimed at data protection and scalability

Synology introduces new products aimed at data protection and scalability
  • Synology has announced several new products at its ongoing event on the sidelines of Computex 2024.
  • The storage solutions provider has introduced new dedicated backup systems, data management platforms and more.
  • The company is also integrating GenAI in the Synology AI Console to offer an enhanced user experience.
On the sidelines of the Computex 2024, Taiwanese storage solutions provider Synology announced an array of new products that are designed to cater to the growing data management and protection needs of business organisations.

The products were announced at the ongoing Synology Solution Exhibition 2024, which is being held at the Taipei Music Centre in Taiwan.


To begin, Synology introduced new ActiveProtect appliances. These appliances are dedicated backup systems that are optimised for rapid deployment and scalability, ensuring business continuity with flexible retention and recovery options. They are aimed at providing robust protection for business-critical infrastructure with features such as:

  • High-performance and data-efficient backups.
  • Scalable multi-site management.
  • Data immutability and air-gap support.

GS Series

Synology's GS Series introduces a highly scalable data storage and management platform. This series supports clusters of up to 96 nodes, offering over 20 petabytes of raw storage per cluster. It is designed to handle the increasing storage and productivity demands with support for file and object protocols, Synology Drive, and Office applications.

Surveillance Solutions

Another key area that businesses need to focus on as they expand is proper surveillance solutions. Synology has introduced new surveillance solutions that include AI-powered cameras and NVRs, with new models such as the FC600 and BC800Z cameras joining the lineup later in 2024. These cameras offer features such as near 360-degree coverage, two-way audio, variable zoom capabilities and more.

Focus on AI

Like most tech companies these days, Synology is also focusing on AI. The company is enhancing its AI capabilities with the Synology AI Console, integrating GenAI into the Office Suite. According to the company, this will allow organisations to use the latest large language models (LLMs) while maintaining strict control over data privacy and security.

The AI Console will be available on both GS and DSM systems, supporting major AI platforms like OpenAI, Microsoft Azure AI, and Google Gemini.


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