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Take a look at some of the coolest new AI features announced by Apple that you may have missed

Jyoti Mann   

Take a look at some of the coolest new AI features announced by Apple that you may have missed
  • Tim Cook unveiled Apple's generative AI strategy, called Apple Intelligence, at WWDC 2024.
  • The strategy includes new AI features in the upcoming iOS 18, Mac, and iPad updates.

Tim Cook unveiled Apple's generative AI strategy, which it calls "Apple Intelligence," at its Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this week.

At its biggest conference, Apple revealed a bunch of cool AI features that will be launched through its upcoming software update, iOS 18, and on its latest Mac and iPad operating systems.

Apple also officially announced its partnership with OpenAI, which will see it integrate ChatGPT into its software and let users search for queries that they can't do through its revamped Siri.

Here's a recap of what was announced.

Siri's getting a lot smarter

Apple's digital assistant, Siri, will be much more helpful. You can type in instructions instead of just speaking to it. It will be able to carry out tasks within other apps for you, like sending a photo to a friend that you're looking at.

Summarize and proofread emails

You'll be able to get summaries of emails through Mail and peek at the first couple of lines of one without having to open an email.

Apple said Mail is also getting a "Smart Reply" boost, which will offer suggestions for automatic responses.

It could also help you switch up the tone of what you're writing through a prompt.

Say goodbye to those annoying notifications

You'll be able to get a summary of your notifications, which will be organized by priority of what's the most important.

It will also have a "Reduce Interruptions" feature that Apple says will "help users stay present" in whatever they are focused on. It will only ping you a notification for something that could be considered urgent, Apple said, citing a text about an early daycare pickup as one example.

Record and transcribe audio files in the Notes app

It will also summarize the audio files you record in its Notes and Phone apps, which could be pretty handy for work meetings.

Search through your photos and videos with keywords

Searching with keywords will make it even easier to pull up a specific photo or video you're looking for. And if there's someone you want to remove from a photo, you can use its "Clean Up" tool to remove them or unwanted objects.

Create AI images while you're chatting with your friends

Apple is bringing "Image Playground" to its Messages app, which allows users to create animations, sketches, and illustrations.

Users can also create a "Genmoji" — an animated version of yourself — to use in messages. It's a bit like a Bitmoji where you can personalize it to look like you or your friends and use it to express a whole range of emotions while texting.

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