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Take-Two CEO seems totally over questions about 'Grand Theft Auto 6' release date

Kenneth Niemeyer   

Take-Two CEO seems totally over questions about 'Grand Theft Auto 6' release date
  • Take-Two's CEO often gets asked about the release date for "Grand Theft Auto 6."
  • When asked last week about a PC release date, he seemed entirely fed up.

Take-Two's CEO appears to be getting tired of answering questions about when — or if — "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be released.

Take-Two, which is the parent company of "GTA"-maker Rockstar Games, announced last month that "GTA 6" would be released next year. But the game's initial release will only be available on the PlayStation and Xbox. No release date for the PC has been set.

There is enormous hype around the release of this game. Its official trailer, posted in December, set the record on YouTube for views on a non-music video. And Take-Two's stock dipped after RockStar announced "Grand Theft Auto 6" would not come out until some time in 2025. "Grand Theft Auto V" is one of the highest-selling video games of all time, bringing in $8 billion in revenue.

In an interview Thursday, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick made sure to leave plenty to the imagination when asked whether the game will eventually have a PC release date. Giving essentially a long-winded non-answer, Zelnick said more announcements could come in the future.

"Well, the lack of an announcement is not something that could be set in stone as near as I could tell because the only thing that happens after the lack of an announcement is an announcement, I suppose, or a continuing lack of an announcement, I guess that could happen too," he said during an interview at a tech and media conference last week. "It doesn't seem to me that either would be set in stone."

Zelnick then pivoted the focus to Rockstar Games, adding that the studio "has an approach to platforms which we've seen before, and they will make more announcements in due time."

"I do believe that the right strategy for our business is to be where the consumer is, and historically what this company has done is address consumers anywhere they are, on any platform that makes sense, over time," Zelnick added.

Rockstar has historically released games on console first and PC versions later, including "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Read Dead Redemption 2."

Take-Two did not immediately return a request for comment from Business Insider.

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